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Champ Camp

Champ Camp

Geared for Owners & Technicians this training will re-ignite your vision to re-invent your business to give you a competitive edge in an ever-changing business environment.

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Raise Your Prices Without Fear

How to
Raise Your Prices

Know when and how to raise your prices to maximize your profitability by working less for more.

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Double Your Income Now!

Double Your Income

Learn to double your income without raising your prices or working more hours! Increase your income by following the practical and proven strategies of our dynamic two disc audio program .

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Technician Coaching

Technician Coaching

Your coach will keep you motivated as you learn how to develop measurable and attainable goals while holding yourself accountable throughout your career.

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Build An Unlimited Clientele

Workbook & 8 Disc Audio

“With over 35 years in the salon industry, I have never experienced such a thorough and brilliant program on building a full clientele of your ideal and best clients.” Tony
Jacksonville, FL

Stop Whining and Start Mining!

How to Build An Unlimited Clientele


A comprehensive, client building program designed to be implemented at your own pace for Salons and Day Spas. We will guide you through writing your Ideal Business Model, Ideal Vision Statement and Client Building Goals. An interview with Mark LeBlanc, author of ‘Growing Your Business’ and conversations with other Salon and Day Spa owners, managers and technicians will encourage you along the way.

Stop Whining and Start Mining

Are You Tired of Whining About:

  • Not making enough money?
  • Not having enough Clients?
  • Having too many of the wrong kind of Clients?
  • A lack of Systems to help new or existing Employees build a Clientele?

FACT: Did You Know That...

Building a Clientele is one of the biggest challenges most individuals will face in their Business? "Great news," says Top Success Coach Lauren Gartland. "It can be fast, easy & fun when you know how!"

Learn How To:

  • Identify your Ideal and Best clients and attract them to you NOW!
  • Inspire your existing clients to enthusiastically build your business for you.
  • Powerfully introduce yourself to anyone, anytime and anywhere.
  • Market and promote yourself for little or no money.
  • Build an empire through networking.
  • Ask for referrals and get them.
  • ALSO included is a REAL client interview! Hear from clients just like the ones you serve & learn firsthand what you need to know to GET them and KEEP them.

You will enjoy over six hours of educational materials and supporting documents to get you on your way to having the clientele you desire.

Stop Whining and Start Mining


Build An Unlimited Clientele

Build An Unlimited Clientele Workbook

Inspiring Champions' Companion Workbook

You've completed our program and built your clientele, now it is time for the rest of your Salon or Day Spa to do the same. Extra workbooks are available to start them on their way to your same success building practices.

Workbook Stop Whining and Start Mining
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