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What is Cash Flow Camp?

Cash-Flow Camp is a 3-Day Hands-on Business Workshop for Salon & Spa Owners who want to start a Business OR grow a Business. At Cash Flow Camp we promise to provide Owners with the business skills, knowledge and proven systems to dramatically increase their Cash Flow & Profit Now!

This 3-day live training is led by Gary Ahlquist best known as the leading "Cash Flow Specialist" and Consultant in the Salon & Day Spa industry. Gary has personally consulted and transformed over 8,000 salons and spas nationally. He has a proven Track Record for dramatically increasing cash flow and profit. Gary is the most recognized, respected and recommended expert to advise Owners on their Business. Gary's multi-talents include Advertising, Marketing, Management, Salon/Spa Development, Cash Flow and Retail Store Development. Gary WILL change your business forever!


Who should attend Cash Flow Camp?

  • Individuals who want to OPEN a Salon or Spa Business
  • Salons and Spas that are having difficult Cash-Flow problems.
  • Mid - to upper-end Salons and Spas who are seeking ways to grow or expand their Business.

What are the Benefits?

  • You are going to learn how to make MORE money in your Business.
  • You are going to learn which areas of your Business are WRONG - standing in your way of making more money and profit - so you can fix or change them!
  • You are going to learn that you're in more than one Business, and you're going to learn how to track the Profit Structures differently.
  • You will leave with the ability to comprehend the financial part of your Business and you're going to have working knowledge of it. You're going to do it yourself and you will have people supporting you to do it. You're going to know where your Profit is coming from - or NOT coming from!
  • You're going to learn a proven "Seven Step Formula" on how to make Change, reduce Risk, and increase Cash Flow Leverage - so you can reach the ultimate financial peak performance in your particular Business.
  • You are going to learn whether or not you like Numbers. If you're a Business Owner - whether you like Numbers or not - you need to embrace and understand the basics of interpreting and reading the Numbers of your Business. They are the sign posts along the way to help you on your journey to be successful in your Business. We show you how to understand Numbers in a way that is very easy.
  • Learn proven Marketing, Retail, and other Techniques that will allow your Business to grow.

What You Will Learn

  • The TOP three most Profitable aspects of your Business
  • The three ways to get compensated as a Business Owner
  • How to structure, read, understand, and analyze a Financial Report
  • Seven Step Formula to make change in your business while reducing risk
  • How and when to raise Prices so the business, team and clients are set up to win
  • How to price Services so you are profitable
  • How to evaluate and change your Compensation Structure
  • A three step proven system to recruit, interview and hire your Ideal Dream Team
  • How to grow Retail Sales 300% to 1,000% without the support of your team
  • How to manage and control Payroll-and much, much more!
  • Each participant will leave with a Personalized Strategy-along with Action Steps to change, grow or expand your current Business

What is the Investment for Cash Flow Camp?

This 3-Day LIVE Business Training is $1,849 PER PERSON and $849 for each additional ticket for other business partners within your company or significant other to attend. The course includes the following:

  • Course Workbook & Certificate of Completion
  • LUNCH all THREE days
  • One 90-minute tele-training session following the Course
  • Inspiring Champions Business System CD - $499.00 value FREE
  • An Experiential Learning Environment with Hands-on Guidance and Support from Certified Inspiring Champions Trainers and Coaches

Dates & Location*


  • Orlando, FL
    October 22, 23 & 24

Cash Flow Camp

*Inspiring Champions camps, shows and events are subject to venue and date change. Inspiring Champions is committed to maintaining venues at the predetermined location, however if venues need to be changed we will notify the attendees as soon as possible with the new venue information and with the adequate amount of time.

What People Are Saying

Cash Flow Camp gave me more direction, more solutions, and more inspiration than all the past Consultants, Accountants, Programs, and Schemes combined and squared. Todd, Owner
Atlanta, GA

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