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Are You Providing Direction for Your Team?

Like individuals, teams need to know what they are trying to achieve and why before they can focus their full attention and effort where it is needed.  Team Coaching is the perfect solution to assist you, the Salon and Day Spa Owner in assuring your team is set up to win.

Why Team Coaching?

Team Coaching is designed to dramatically increase the productivity and profit of the salon and spa while simultaneously developing a cohesive team work environment.

Team Coaching, is one of the most under-utilized methods of team performance improvement used by salon and day spa owners. There are several reasons for this:

  • A lack of understanding of what team coaching can achieve.
  • Confusion over what it is – often times it is mixed up with outdoor development actvities.
  • A negative experience in the past with a teamwork process.

Benefits of Team Coaching:

Yet there are few applications which have more direct benefit than Team Coaching.  Successes from our Team Coaching programs include:

  • Increased sales and profitability
  • Creation of client building programs
  • Increased retail sales
  • Accountability and structure
  • Tracking and understanding numbers
  • Goal setting
  • Measured results

What People Are Saying

Our team members have learned how to take personal responsibility for their own success and growing their business. Now we’re climbing to heights we never imagined. Everybody’s income has increased and so has morale. We’ve gone from struggling to growing and best of all, we are finally where I've always dreamed we could go, together.
Cheri, Owner
Atlanta, GA

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