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Become Accountable to Your Success!

Accountability and implementation are two basic business principals that are critically underutilized. Time has shown that most people typically implement new things into their business but within a short time, most of them are back to where they started; resulting in valuable wasted resources including time, energy and money. With Salon and Day Spa Technician Coaching you can begin to learn accountability and understand the importance and beneficial impact that implementation can have on your business.

Why Technician Coaching?

Coaching provides an effective way to understand and implement basic business principals into your Salon and Day Spa business. By utilizing the systems in your day-to-day business interactions and planning you will quickly benefit from the stability the program creates.


By becoming accountable and implementing systems you will soon be on your way to enjoying:

  • Increased average service tickets
  • Increased retail sales
  • The generation of ideal clients
  • Enhanced guest experiences
  • Increased repeat business
  • Systems for tracking financials
  • A work-life balance

What People Are Saying

By applying principles from my coaching sessions, my 1st quarter has seen a 17% increase over last year! That pays for my coaching and then some!
Woodstock, VT

With coaching my income is steadily increasing and I can only see more positive things to come in the future.Lori
Austin, TX

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