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Owner Coaching

Owner / Manager Coaching

Apply practical systems to your day-to-day business operations and leadership interactions with your team with an Inspiring Champions business coach. Maximize to your true potential with our proven coaching practices you will become the leader your Salon and Day Spa business needs.

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Technician Coaching

Technician Coaching

A “must have” for Technicians that want success in the Salon and Day Spa industry. It does not matter if you are a veteran technician or just getting started in the industry. Your coach will keep you motivated and directed as you learn how to develop measurable and attainable goals while holding yourself accountable.

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Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Create a team that wants to succeed and grow with their personal development, a team of Champions. Designed, to dramatically improve your team’s productivity and cohesiveness by introducing Salon and Day Spa business systems into your existing culture.

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Champ Camp

Champ Camp

Inspiring Champions signature 3-day hands on Salon and Day Spa business systems training. This training will re-ignite your vision and re-invent your business, giving you a competitive edge in a ever-changing Salon and Day Spa business environment.

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Cash Flow Camp

Cash Flow Camp

Salon and Day Spa Owners and Managers learn to understand their financial statements leading to an immediate increase in profitability. Growth and progress will be an immediate result of implementing the fundamental building blocks of a profit and loss statement into your business.

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 On Site

Onsite Training

Create effective team practices and a business culture that boosts moral right from the word go. With Onsite Training, Inspiring Champions delivers the best in business education right to your Salon or Day Spa. The most effective way to grow your business is to grow your team.

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Advaced Leadership Program

Advanced Leadership

Effective leadership requires core coaching skills and techniques to build your team and a profitable Salon and Day Spa business. This program is designed to work with you every step of the way to create that fundamental leadership skill set that is so imperative to your success.

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Soaring Eagle Club

Soaring Eagle Call Series

With our twelve week group call series you will stay on track with implementing all of the system you learned at Champ Camp. Work with an Inspiring Champions Salon and Day Spa business coach and a team of your peers in the industry to tap into your potential and keep the momentum in your business growing.

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Front Desk

Front Desk Webinar Training

Learn methods that are easily implementable and repeatable to transform your front desk into a profit center for your Salon and Day Spa business. An effectively run front desk can be the pivot point within your business for life-long clients. Create effective customer service standards that you’re entire team will benefit from.

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