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“I sat down and put down on paper what I wanted my dream team member to look, act, and be like… It's amazing that I actually got my ideal team member. It's amazing that when you know what team members you want and can envision them, you find them!”

- Diane
Niles, MI

Create Your Dream Team

Inspiring Champions'Audio Program to
Recruite and Retain Your Dream Team

The Creating Your Dream Team Program is designed to provide you with the skills and abilities the most successful owners, managers and supervisors utilize in attracting and cultivating their dream team. Each of the self-guided exercises help you to achieve your optimum results. We have the perfect Success Coach to move you beyond the obstacles that get in the way of turning your ambitions into a reality. Our Coaches know what it takes to get you in control of your business in the fastest, easiest, and least painless of ways.

Our CD / Workbook system includes some of the following:

  • Primary Focus Form—to establish professional goals
  • Monthly Goal Form—to measure & monitor your team’s results
  • Monthly Action Planner—designed to accelerate your team’s performance
  • Our best interview processes and questions
  • Employee Profile Card. — designed to help you spot the perfect fit for your team

Once you have completed this program, as outlined, you will be able to hire the right staff for your business needs. You will be able to clearly develop goals and attain them because you will have the knowledge of their potential and your ability to achieve them. Furthermore, you will understand which actions will help you achieve those goals and which are barriers and obstacles to your success of hiring your dream team. This is the start of your new staffing experience.


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