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Keep the Momentum Going

Attention all Champ Camp graduates, do you remember the confidence and direction you received at Champ Camp?


  • Did you leave feeling like you could accomplish anything?

  • Did you believe that no challenge was too big or impossible?

  • Did you have a strategy to take your business to new levels?


We wanted to ensure that you took all of that energy and enthusiasm and implemented it into your business. Enrollment in the Soaring Eagle Call Series, ensures that action and implementation will take place.


What People Are Saying


Knowing how easily I tend to lose motivation and that I need a support system, I signed up for the Soaring Eagles Calls. If I didn't have the support of this call series, I would have gone right back to my old ways, thank you.
Rebecca, Hair Technician
Avon, OH


Since joining the soaring Eagles, I can say I have become more confidant in knowing just how our beauty business works! With these skills,  I have learned how to set goals, set new goals, work the daily champion system, and the road map to success. These tools gave me all the numbers through basic math to be added to the online TRACKER. The tracker is the best thing ever, to show you how you are doing. Through the whole system I realized I had given myself a 14% raise and most people are lucky to get a 2% raise. Oh, how I love our business!
I can't say enough about how amazing it is to be a soaring eagle. It is an investment for a lifetime in business and life! Thank you soaring Eagles for teaching me to soar!

Gratefully, Becky Stewart, Hair Technician, Redlands CA




Before joining Inspiring Champions, my business was floundering in the water! I didn't have the first clue about tracking any numbers in a way that told me how my business was doing. The road that Inspiring Champions set me on, Soaring Eagles took my hand and walked me down the first 6 months. I now have a crystal clear view of where I've been, where I am, where I want to be and how to set and achieve my goals to get there. I attended Inspiring Champions in August, and my gross service dollars DOUBLED from July to August, and have stayed there since! Thank you Inspiring Champions for showing me the road to success, and thank you Soaring Eagles for walking me down it to start my journey to achieving my dreams off strong! 


Carrie Bush, Hair Technician,Tacoma WA


What To Expect

Twelve live bi-weekly coaching calls with an Inspiring Champions Business Coach and participants from other Champ Camp trainings. These group conference calls are specifically designed as a powerful support system for graduates of Champ Camp. They will help you to:


  • Develop new and empowering habits.
  • Work with a personal business coach to motivate, direct and support you.
  • Implement practical solutions and answers into your business.
  • Be inspired to create greatness in your life.
  • Learn to make powerful action oriented decisions each week.

Call Series Outline

  • Call 01 | Perfect Consultation Part 1
  • Call 02 | Perfect Consultation Part 2
  • Call 03 | Monthly Goal Forms
  • Call 04 | The Bump System
  • Call 05 | Understanding the Numbers
  • Call 06 | Retail Systems
  • Call 07 | No Shows & Cancellations
  • Call 08 | Pre-Booking
  • Call 09 | Ideal Client Vision Statement
  • Call 10 | Client Building Goals
  • Call 11 | Networking for Results
  • Call 12 | Asking for Referrals

You must be a Champ Camp graduate to participate in this call series training.


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