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Create An Ideal Team

Creating Your Dream Team

If you're like the majority of Salon and Day Spa Owners and Managers, you probably struggle from time to time with finding good staff to work for you. But that's no reason to allow your team's morale, productivity and not to mention your own sanity to be put at risk by the problems of recruiting an ideal team.

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Daily Affirmations

Daily Affirmations

Using powerful positive thinking techniques, visualizations and positive affirmations, it is possible to achieve whatever you want. Take a quick break each day to reflect on a positive daily affirmation. These simple thoughts can counter negative energy, uplift you and help you respond to the challenges of everyday life.

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Double Your Income

Double Your Income

Consider this, money is a reward that you earn for the services that you provide. The reward grows larger when the service becomes more valuable. By creating ways to be of greater service to your clients, you will not only earn more money, you will grow your career and enrich your life.

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Grow Your Business

Growing Your Business

Create a laser-like focus, attract more prospects and build a system for staying on track. Finally, a book about growing your business that makes sense. By Mark LeBlanc

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Guide To Salon & Day Spa Policies & Procedures

Policy & Procedure Handbook

Salons and Day Spas need policies and procedures in place for fair and consistent staff treatment, internal processes and hiring practices. They are most useful when applied as guidelines rather than as rules and laws. Use the examples we have developed to guide policies within your business.

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Life Navigation Documents

Life Navigation Documents

With Giovanni Livera as your guide, this engaging set of tools focuses your imagination and harnesses your passion to help you achieve a more purposeful life.

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Live A Thousand Years

Live A Thousand Years

Live A Thousand Years reveals the power of measureing your time and your success by moments and experiences. This book provides the solid strategies for you to create a more meaningful life.

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Raise Your Prices Without Fear

FEARLESSLY Raise Your Prices with Confidence & Integrity

It is a fact that one of the biggest fears of beauty professionals today is the fear of raising their prices. You may envision losing your clients, causing offense and creating mayhem in your business. The reality is, raising prices is necessary for success in your business.

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Building An Unlimited Clientele

Stop Whining & Start Mining

As you grow your list of clients through our program, you will find that something great starts to happen; you will gain momentum and have your books full with your ideal clients. When you build relationships you will find that the best way to gain new clients is through your established ones.

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