Cash Flow Camp Workshop

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Dramatically Increase Cash Flow &  Profit Now!

Cash Flow Camp is for Salon/Spa owners and managers who want practical and proven business systems to take your business and profit to the next level.

  • Are you a Salon/Spa owner seeking ways to grow your Cash Flow & Profitability?

  • Would you like an easy 3-step system to hire and inspire your Ideal Dream Team?

  • Have you wondered why there’s not enough money at the end of the month?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this is the PERFECT course for you!

Hear what other owners have to say!

Who is Cash Flow Camp For?

Cash Flow Camp is for Salon/Spa owners & managers who want practical business skills, knowledge and proven systems to create a thriving and sustainable business. One that works for you, instead of you working for it! Cash Flow Camp is ideal for individuals looking to open a new salon or spa. This course will save you thousands in mistakes commonly made by new owners and help you to be profitable more quickly.

What graduates love most is the personal hands on attention given by our team of Inspiring Champions Certified Coaches and Trainers who are by your side, guiding you every step of the way. You will leave with a personalized strategy and action plan to grow your business and profit NOW!

“We now have a clear picture on how we can grow”

We struggled with our P&L before we went to Cash Flow Camp. At Camp we gained clarity of our finances. We understand where we are at, and have a clear picture of how we can grow. One of our main goals is staff recruiting/hiring, and learning these systems at Cash Flow Camp was invaluable. Successful companies usually have someone who supports them, and we found Inspiring Champions!

Inge Handing, Owner, Salon Inge, Tampa, FL

“Cash Flow Camp flipped the switch for me”

Sometimes as creative people, we get focused on the excitement and creativity, and not so much on the systems and the things you have to do to run a successful Salon.  When it came to deciding to take a 3- day workshop to learn the business, it was a no brainer! Cash Flow Camp flipped the switch for me. I am not scared of it anymore. I want to get control of my business, and enjoy my life. I am grateful I am learning this information while I am young.

Brenton Lee, Owner, Bretton Lee Salon, Pasadena, CA

“Business are meant to take care of people. The more people you help, the more money you make.”

Why would I, as a first time Salon Owner, try to figure out all these systems on my own? Inspiring Champions works with thousands of Salons, and brings them to the next level. The most powerful thing I learned at Camp is that businesses are meant to take care of people. And the more people you help, the more money you will make. Inspiring Champions gave me the tools to show my people I really care about them.

Michael Van, Owner, Classy Nails and Spa, Chicago, Il

“….a program that EVERY salon owner should attend”

Cash Flow Camp is a program that every salon owner should attend before they open their business.  This course teaches you all the things that hair dressers don’t know about Profit and Loss statements, budgets, and putting together a profitable business plan.

Coral Pleas, Owner, Cutting Loose Salons and Spas, Sarasota, FL

My biggest success right after attending Cash Flow Camp learning to hire my “Ideal Dream Team.”  I followed the model exactly and now my average tenured employee has been with the company at least 5 years.   We also converted some unused space into a retail boutique, and more than doubled our retail sales!  After working with Inspiring Champions, we increased our total revenue by 68%!!!

Jessica Skop, Owner, Serendipity Day Spa, Linden, MI

You will learn

  • How to break down, read, understand and analyze your financial reports until you ‘Get It!’

  • Identify how you are doing in all areas of your business, and where improvement is needed

  • A Seven Step formula to make the necessary changes in your business, while reducing risk

  • Identify the TOP three most profitable areas to improve, and create an action plan

  • How to compensate your team fairly, and make a profit

  • The three ways to get compensated as a business owner

  • A 4-step system to fearlessly raise prices with confidence and integrity

  • How to grow retail sales 300% to 1,000% without the support of your team

  • A 3-step proven system to recruit, interview, and hire your Ideal Dream Team. This segment is PRICELESS!

Cash Flow Camp Includes

  • Group discount rate in a 4-Star hotel

  • Networking opportunities with owners from all over North America

  • Hot lunch and morning coffee all 3-days

  • Course workbook

  • Online VIP access to the Cash Flow Camp systems

  • Hands on guidance from Certified Trainers


Meet Your Cash Flow Camp Team

Lauren Gartland
Lauren GartlandOwner
My unwavering passion and commitment is to transform lives! Since 1995, I have dedicated my life to provide Salon & Spa professionals with proven & repeatable business systems to make more money, work fewer hours and to create more life/work balance! This has been my greatest legacy for which I am forever blessed and grateful.
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Gary Ahlquist
Gary AhlquistTrainer
I’ve always taught my son that choices have consequences. If you choose to work with myself and the Inspiring Champions team, your consequences are going to be growth, prosperity & profit!
Learn more >
Lance Courtney
Lance CourtneyTrainer
When your heart decides the destination, your mind designs the map, but your actions determine your arrival.
Learn more >
Jill Ruone
Jill RuoneTrainer
I train service providers through a fun, engaging and gamified approach to earn a better living while living a better life. Our fast, easy and repeatable systems will exponentially grow your business. Guaranteed results for those dedicated to achieving their goals.
Learn more >
Derek Maldonado
Derek MaldonadoTrainer
What sets me apart as an in-demand educator and speaker is my passion for my craft and sharing what I love to do for a living. Let me develop a new business strategy to help you excel and succeed beyond your current vision.
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Taelor Pleas
Taelor PleasBusiness Trainer
I am passionate about passionate people and a strong advocate for education. Elevating the standard of excellence in our industry.
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Cash Flow Camp | San Diego, CA

March 08, 09 & 10, 2020

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First Ticket: $1,849 USD
Each additional ticket from the same salon: $849 USD
Reviewer ticket: $849 USD (Applies only to those who have previously attended Cash Flow Camp)