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Summer 2010

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Building An Unlimited Clientele

Do you find yourself whining about not having enough clients? Or maybe you have too many clients, yet they aren’t the ideal big ticket clientele you would prefer? Lauren Gartland is the founder of Inspiring Champions, a business and coaching company offering live training seminars, coaching and leadership services. She regularly advises clients on how to ‘Stop Whining & Start Mining’ to build an unlimited clientele and offers a preview here of the many things you can do to start successfully prospecting. The first step is to realize that you can actually choose your own clients. “The type of client you choose will determine the money you make and whether you work harder or you work smarter. Instead of settling for whoever comes along and sits in your chair, take action by actively prospecting for new clients on a regular basis. This requires getting out into your community, introducing yourself to new people and inviting them to do business with you, as well as taking a fresh look at people you already know,” says Gartland.

Where in your community can you connect with potential clients?

“Think of your business like a farmer. A farmer knows that if they never plant any seeds, they will never get a harvest. They also know that if they just plant a few seeds, they will only receive a small harvest. To attain a large harvest, th ey need to plant lots of seeds!” Gartland notes. What is one action step you can take in the next 24 hours to support you in attracting more new clients? What action step can you take in the next week to support your goal? What steps can you take in the next month? “Perhaps in the next day you can start looking into a professional networking group you can join to meet new people? In the next week, you could get new business cards made up that really have a ‘wow’ factor that grabs peoples attention. In the next month, you could start attending some functions and pass out those cards,” Gartland says. Always have your wow business cards on hand and regularly give them out. Based on a ten percent return rate, giving out two cards per day, five days a week over a 50 week period would get you 50 new clients. If you want more clients, then simply give out more cards. Giving out three cards per day will get you 75 new clients a year; four cards per day will get you 100 new clients!

Gartland shares, “The biggest obstacle that gets in the way of prospecting for new clients is our inability to communicate effectively what we do and who we do it with best. Hairstylists often have communication or self esteem issues, not effectively relaying to new contacts with confidence what we do. You have only 11 seconds to create a powerful first impression. Make sure you show your passion for who you are and what you do.” Create your own exciting defining statement that will vividly describe what you do. Your statement should be simple, conversational and repeatable. It should focus on what you do, who you do it for and include two separate aspects of your professional expertise. For example, you could say ‘I’m a master hairstylist specializing in precision haircuts and advanced hair color services, serving clients who are looking for the very best results.’ Try writing out lots of defining statements. Write down ten a day for a few days and then highlight the five you like best. Gartland shares, “Your defining statement should light you up like a Christmas tree – you should be on fire when you read it! Think about your favorite clients. Consider some of the things you have done for them over the years? You’ve given them new fun looks, professional polish, self-confidence, a consistent level of service, quality and results. You could work some of these things into potential defining statements. Remember that the words have to resonate with you first. You have to own your statement before other people will respond!”

Become vividly aware of when you are out in the world and you have opportunities to connect with others. “Where in your community can you connect with potential clients? Perhaps at PTA meetings, the bank, post office, grocery store, your favorite coffee shop or restaurant, your gym, at parties, or anywhere you find yourself. Isn’t it time to start spreading the word about your business?” Gartland says. Seize the moment by powerfully introducing yourself to people with your defining statement. Use your statement as your personal trademark that people will remember you by. Use it on everything; put it on your business cards, promotional materials, your email signature or Facebook profile. “Prospecting refers to sifting through large numbers of people to find those gold nuggets who want to do business with you. Gold miners have to go out into the world to mine for gold. They may not find it at first, yet they persist until they do find it – and so will you!” Commit to actively, consistently and powerfully prospecting for new clients today to advance your professional career and grow your business.


Inspiring Champions is a business and coaching company offering live training camps, coaching and mentoring services, webinars, audio tapes and educational resources. For more information call 800-496-9305 or visit www.InspiringChampions.com.

Jenny Hogan is the Media Director at Marketing Solutions, Inc., a full-service marketing, advertising and PR agency specializing in the professional beauty business. For more information, contact 703-359-6000, visit www.MktgSols.com or send an email to MktgSols@MktgSols.com.