Cheryle Silbernagel
2016 August

Cheryle Silbernagel’s mother opened a salon in the timber industry community of Lyons, OR in 1978. After working alongside her mom for 25 of those years, Cheryle decided to purchase the business from her 7-years ago. But the transition to owner was a difficult one for Cheryle, who thought, “If we knock down walls and decorate real pretty, I’m sure we can attract booth renters which, in turn, will take the pressure off me and bring in more revenue. Instead, I depleted my bank account and became overdrawn.”

After a series of financial difficulties, a decision was made that if Cheryle could not turn the salon around within a year, the doors would close. “This was a huge failure to me since my mom had the salon for 30 plus years prior to me taking over,” she says.
But fate stepped in and turned the tables for Cheryle, who won a drawing for a one-on-one conference call with IC president and founder Lauren Gartland-Roberts. Cheryle says Lauren started the conversation by altering the way she was thinking about implementing changes in the business. “Before the call ended, Lauren asked if I would like to say a prayer with her,” recalls Cheryle. “That was a powerful moment for me. I felt so many emotions and then clarity in everything we discussed. I truly trusted her and the program.”

Cheryle then went to Champ Camp and joined the Soaring Eagles program. “I committed to all the changes with no excuses,” she says. “IC made me accountable to the process and to myself. I have gained self-worth and pride in myself and my salon. Best of all I have the respect of my family.”
Not only are the doors of Cheryle’s salon not closing but she has gotten the business out of debt in less than a year and her vision of having the salon completely paid-off by 2019 looks like it will become a reality. CONGRATULATIONS ON ALL OF YOUR SUCCESS CHERYLE!

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