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Cristina Kohlman Interview - Kristen Salon
March 2014 Client Spotlight

When the owner of Kristen Salon in Chelmsford, MA came upon a nine-year-old document from Inspiring Champions while cleaning out the previous salon owner’s desk, little did she know that it would drastically improve her life both personally and professionally in a few short months.

That fateful discovery triggered Cristina Kohlman to research what Inspiring Champions is all about and eventually enroll herself and the salon manager in Champ Camp. In the 9-days that followed Champ Camp, the two women had together increased their retail sales by 58%. Enthused by their success, a fellow stylist asked to learn about the Inspiring Champions systems. In one month, she also had stellar improvements – increases of 68% for service sales, 35% for retail sales and 25% for rebooking.

The quick success inspired Cristina and her team to enroll in Cash Flow Camp, Top Gun Front Desk, Business Coaching and the Advanced Leadership Program as well. In just four months, Kristen Salon has gone from a chaotic business environment with little staff accountability to an organized workplace with amazing sales numbers.

One of the biggest impacts for the business has been providing consultations to every guest. “We were never asking questions of our guests before or addressing their needs,” says Cristina. “It was uncomfortable at first, but we have implemented consultations on every new and existing guest. The guests love it. We are able to address haircare challenges and concerns, and pinpoint upsale opportunities now. Before, guests were not buying from our salon but somewhere else. Or some guests didn’t even have blowdryers to accomplish their looks at home. We are now selling blowdryers, flat irons, you name it. Retail has skyrocketed.”

The most difficult part of implementing new Inspiring Champions systems and procedures into the salon was the fear of losing staff. But Cristina is no longer concerned. “This has separated the eagles from the chickens and the chickens have gone to another coup,” she says. “It’s not easy to do the work, but easy to see that the work you do really does pay off. The eagles had no problem with the changes. They just spread their wings and they are flying.”

Now that Cristina has seen the results of the effort she’s put into the Inspiring Champions process, she sees their distinction between other salon and spa programs. “I’ve gone to other classes before and it was always the same thing over and over again. But Inspiring Champions was totally different – there was more clarity, it was intense. I really believe in the systems. The systems do work. If you don’t succeed with Inspiring Champions, it’s because you don’t want to.”

Not only has Cristina’s life been impacted professionally, but personally as well thanks to the encouragement of Inspiring Champions’ Founder & President Lauren Gartland-Roberts. “She has helped me a lot and given me the confidence I didn’t have,” says Cristina. “Lauren has a huge heart and huge personality. She just inspires you by being with her from her positive thinking and attitude. She really cares about growing your business and is committed to seeing salon owners reach their full potentials. She follows up and is a woman of her word. I am grateful for meeting her.”




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