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Jennifer Foo
X-Treme Creations Hair Company – St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

What did your business look like before meeting Inspiring Champions?
Before IC,  I was struggling with the balance of working behind the chair, motivating my team, trying to make financial ends meet, and creating a profitable, sustainable business. I was exhausted and knew that I couldn’t continue to put 50-60 hours a week into my business. I felt as though I had purchased a job, one that came with a large amount of stress. In my mind I knew the type of salon I wanted to own & run, I just didn’t have any systems or support in place to create it. The future did not look appealing.

Why did you decide to begin working with Inspiring Champions?
On the verge of wanting to sell my business and being completely frustrated with fighting what always felt like an uphill battle, I knew it was time for change and I had nothing to lose. What I was doing obviously wasn’t working and after listening to Lauren Gartland-Roberts speak at an event, hearing her passion and energy, I knew that if I could even regain the tiniest amount of that passion for my business again, anything might be possible. That’s when I signed up for Champ Camp!

What systems, camps, etc. of Inspiring Champions have you used or participated in?
The better question would be “What didn’t I sign up for?” After years of searching for direction, it was like someone opened the gate, gave me the map and said, “Here’s the path you need to take, would you like me to walk with you to make sure you know where you’re going?” Yes please!
I wanted it all and that’s exactly what I did - Champ Camp (my team & I), Cash Flow Camp (my Manager & I), Top Gun, ALP, one-on-one coaching. Never in my life had I embarked on a company that not only had all the tools and systems available for me to turn my salon into a success, but they had the continued support, guidance and eagerness to see me succeed! Not to mention the amazing products, such as “Policy and Procedures” and “Stop Whining, Start Mining”.

What have been the three greatest accomplishments during your time with Inspiring Champions?
1. Going from working behind my chair 5 days a week (40-50 hours), to working behind my chair 2 days a week (12 hours).   I used to put in extra hours for paperwork after everyone else had left for the day, plus I was the top producer in the salon and had to keep the business viable. I worked with my coach to establish a plan to get me a more balanced position.  I am behind the chair less but still producing top dollar. This balance has allowed me more time to focus on coaching and training my team, and strategizing for the future of the salon. This was my dream, to be able to step back from my chair and still have a profiting business. Without the support and guidance from my coach, I would not have the tools to have made this dream my reality.

2. Prior to Inspiring Champions  I didn’t have any systems in place, I knew the salon was not generating enough revenue, yet I didn’t know how to get my team to do what I was doing behind my chair.  Since implementing all of the Inspiring Champions systems with my team, we have seen tremendous results. The salon’s service dollars have seen a 30% increase in under two years, increasing our average service ticket by over $10. Our retail dollars have more than doubled, moving us into the top 10% with average monthly numbers going from $3150 to $6994. What makes this even more amazing is that my team knows that they are educating their guests on how to maintain their service at home - taking their professionalism to a whole new level and allowing them opportunities they didn’t even know were there before.

3. Growing my team and being able to offer them a solid compensation plan where they know exactly what it takes for them to reach the next level and make more money. After working with my coach, I was able to establish complete clarity on what it was I was offering (knowing what I could afford to offer as well) and how my employees could make more money and continue to grow based on the established requirements. This was a challenging process that took time, thought and a lot of guidance working through all the numbers to create something that was realistic for both the salon and the employees. It was well worth the effort and patience it took to complete. My team now receives quarterly retail bonuses and they know exactly what is required to receive a raise!

What advice would you give to someone who is in the position you once were in?
I would say DO IT!! If what you’re doing now isn’t working, doesn’t it make sense to try something new?  Go to Champ Camp. Get your team to Champ Camp and take advantage of everything that Inspiring Champions has to offer. These tools and systems work as long as you are willing to commit and work. This will not come without effort and commitment from you and your team; it’s not for the light hearted or those that want a quick fix. To build your business and maintain continued growth and success, you need to have a repeatable systematic approach that everyone in your business can duplicate to create consistency and, in turn, support each other.

Is there anything else you would like to include or mention?It has been through the continued support and guidance from this company and my coach that I have been able to grow and make the very necessary changes in my business. I did it while staying true to my values to create a clear path for my team to create unlimited potential and success behind their chairs and in their life. This was one investment that has paid me back in several ways. I am grateful.




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