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Rebecca Griggs 1st Place SOARING EAGLES
2016 Spotlight

Rebecca Griggs

1st place - Rebecca Griggs
Way to go Rebecca!!  It is clear from your results how you won the GOLD!  We are all very proud of YOU!
Rebecca's Average SERVICE Ticket increased by 40%. Pre-booking increased by 174% and her Average RETAIL Ticket grew an astounding 244%!

Hello All! My name is Rebecca Griggs. I am 28 and have been doing hair for 11 years. I joined the Soaring Eagles club because after attending Champ Camp.  I wanted something to hold me accountable for what we learned. I don't know if it was because of the time elapsed between when Champ Camp ended and Soaring Eagles started, or if my motivation just dropped because it was during the holidays and it was another thing to take up my time, but I actually tried to quit after the 2nd webinar. It was then that I really got to see the commitment of the Inspiring Champions team. They encouraged me to continue in the most professional, yet caring way. I even received a personal phone call from Lauren Gartland, the amazing Firecracker herself! If anyone can inspire someone to do something, it is that fantastic woman right there. After a lot of self-exploration, I decided to give it 100% and everything I had. I will not say that it was easy and I will not say that there weren't times that I did NOT want to do my homework. However, I CAN absolutely say that every time I did my numbers I was continually shocked and even did them again a few times because I thought SURELY, my numbers didn't increase that much!
I started Soaring Eagles in December, which we all know is prime time in the beauty industry. So I wasn't surprised when my numbers were high since they always are at that time of the year. I WAS surprised, when each and every month AFTER the holidays my numbers continued to grow, EVEN during what is usually the slowest time of the year for stylists! I consistently made more each month, with working LESS hours throughout the entire Soaring Eagles Program. I was able to go to continuing education classes that I would have been unable to afford prior to the Program. I was able to set aside money for a down payment on a house, WHILE paying for my upcoming wedding! The results were incredible and I was seeing serious payoff. More important than that though, I was seeing the difference in my clients. I had clients literally cry in my chair and tell me that no one had ever listened to them before and it wasn't until now that they knew what the experience was supposed to be like. My clients open up to me more than they ever have. I have been attracting my IDEAL clients like flies to a juicy burger. And the best part is, I know that this is only the beginning. I am still a beginner! I haven't even honed the craft of mastering these amazing systems.

I can say with 110% certainty that these systems have changed my life FOREVER!  If anyone gives it their all and decides to take part in this incredible gift, that there is no way they WONT change their life and business as well.

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