Rebecca Griggs
2016 Client Spotlight

As a booth renter in a two-person salon in Tulsa, OK, hairstylist Rebecca Griggs felt the pressure of having to draw in her own new business and the fear of losing existing clientele. “I wasn’t as stable as I wanted to be,” she says. “I needed more clients.”

Rebecca happened upon a trade show in which Inspiring Champions was speaking about their proven systems to assist with common concerns of beauty industry professionals such as retail sales, pre-booking, raising prices and maintaining a work/life balance. “They were speaking to my heart,” recalls Rebecca.

She decided to participate in Champ Camp and then the Soaring Eagles call series. “I needed Soaring Eagles to hold me accountable for all the things I learned at camp,” says Rebecca. “I believed it would do all the things that it promised and it did. Every time we did the numbers, I was continually shocked by how the numbers continued to grow. I was really blown away! Every month was getting higher than the month previous and I was working fewer hours than I was before Champ Camp.”

“I have personally had incredible results, and not just financially,” she notes. “My clients feel heard. It’s not just about a new haircut, it’s about getting an experience. People are calling and saying I’ve provided the best hair experience they’ve ever had. They’re coming in more often and are not upset about the price increases I’ve made. Just last week, I had four referrals and they all pre-booked.”

The progress has given Rebecca the stability she was craving. She is in the process of getting married, buying a house and just went on a tropical vacation without worrying about the bills.  “I’m living a life I’m happy with, without the financial stress anymore!”

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