**Featured Client Spotlight**

Salon Adelle Series (A MUST read story)
2016 Featured Salon Spotlight

Salon Adelle

As a national award-winning hair extension and hair color salon, Salon Adelle is enjoying great success in the Greenville, SC area. But just one short year ago, owner Adelle Graham and her husband Travis were on the verge of divorce due to the toll the business was taking on their marriage. We shared the backstory of Salon Adelle in our previous newsletter and will continue with the progress they've made in the last year and tips they now have for fellow business owners over a few issues.

What turned things around?
At this time last year, Adelle was feeling lost and helpless with her business. "I needed to know and understand our numbers and grow our business and team. I knew I could not do it alone and that I needed the help, support and expertise of a coach to help put it all together and into practice". Adelle was paired with IC Coach Jolene Casey. She instantly felt a sense of relief knowing that a specialist in the salon industry would be supporting her every step of the way and that she no longer had to do this alone.  However, her husband Travis, was extremely skeptical. He says, "I was not sold on coaching. I didn't believe you could deliver what you said you could.” But in just the first (8) 1-hour coaching sessions with Jolene, Salon Adelle's numbers have skyrocketed 92%. "I have no complaints now," says Travis. Adelle agrees, "Jolene was the perfect match. She understands me. I trust her judgement so much." When asked if they recommend that other salon owners get a coach, Adelle didn't skip a beat. "Do it and don't look back! It’s an investment you will not regret and it will come back to you many times"

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