Turn Work Burnout Into Life Transformation


October 2011

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Build An Unlimited Clientele

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Turn Work Burnout Into Life Transformation

Burnout Is Just The Beginning To Building A New Work Or Life Vision

The Phoenix is a mythical firebird with the ability to be reborn out of its own ashes. The brightly plumed bird ignites into flame, only to rise again in a never ending cycle of rebirth. The story of the sacred bird is a wonderful allegory for renewal and second chances. Just like the Phoenix, we can all turn our burnout in work or life into a chance for transformation. Inspiring Champions is a business training and coaching company working in the professional beauty industry. Founder Lauren Gartland and her team help thousands of beauty professionals each year to transform their careers and their lives. Salon and spa professionals learn to build stronger careers, grow their businesses and keep a work/life balance. Gartland says, "Our goal is to bridge the technical skills of technicians with business skills. We want to inspire clients not just to make more money, but to work fewer hours, live a balanced life – and have fun!"

You can create that ideal business model, by strategically using proven Inspiring Champions salon systems

Work burnout is very common in the beauty industry and salon and spa professionals often experience it. Burnout can take the form of irritation, fatigue, apathy, lack of interest in the day's work or even in physical illness. Owners and managers face a special challenge in fending off burnout as they wear so many hats in the course of a day. Salon and spa owners are working long days with little relief, running their business while still working behind the chair. Owners often do not even draw a paycheck for themselves. However when owners have a concrete plan for success, their entire team can begin working together to ensure the growth of the business. Gartland notes, "In an ideal world, the business would generate profit without any of the salon or spa owner's revenue. You can create that ideal business model, by strategically using proven Inspiring Champions salon systems."

Burnout is just the beginning to building a new foundation and vision for work or life. From being burnt out, you can rise from the ashes to start again. The first step is simply to ask what your life could look like, if you allowed yourself to change it. Burnout lets out powerful emotions of fear, anger, sadness, jealousy and regret. Use those strong feelings to ignite your passion for beginning again. Always look within; don't expect your boss, co-workers, friends, family or significant other to relieve your burnout. Set other people free and take responsibility yourself, ultimately putting you in control of your own future. Inspiration is everywhere and once you start looking for it you will recognize it around every turn.

Imagine your life without limits; imagine earning the salary you want to earn, working the hours you want to work and achieving the dreams you believed in when you first started in your beauty career. "The investment you make in yourself, the knowledge, systems and tools you gain will allow you to soar above the greatest adversities to brand new heights. What you will gain are the tools for the transformation of yourself and your business and they will make that transformation sustainable," says Gartland. Garland started Inspiring Champions in 1995 after suffering extreme burnout herself. After suffering from business failures and personal challenges, she became inspired to help others in the beauty industry succeed and ultimately achieved her greatest personal success.

While other companies motivate and inspire students by telling them what to do and why to do it – Inspiring Champions teaches them HOW to do it. Inspiring Champions offers live Training Camps: Champ Camp, Cash Flow Camp and a Webinar Training, Top Gun Front Desk. Champ Camp is their signature workshop, teaching proven systems for running successful salons and promising all technicians the chance to increase their personal incomes to over $100,000. Inspiring Champions also offers onsite training and coaching, which is done by telephone over a series of months. Lauren Gartland and their team of Inspiring Champions coaches aim to transform the professional beauty industry through the success of its members.

Gartland says, "These are hands-on, step-by-step, paint by numbers business training courses that will change your life and make you money for the rest of your career!" These expectations may seem high, yet Inspiring Champions has the testimonials and results to back them up. "We get amazing results in large numbers. Clients tell us we are different from other coaching companies because we literally change their lives. We want to lift people up, support people's dreams and fuel the spark of greatness within them," concludes Gartland.

Inspiring Champions is a business and coaching company offering live training camps, coaching and mentoring services, webinars, audio tapes and educational resources. For more information call 800-496-9305 or visit www.InspiringChampions.com.
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