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San Diego, CA San Diego, CA "Facts don't lie, but feelings may!" declares Gary Ahlquist, leader of the Inspiring Champions educational seminar, Cash Flow Camp. Salon and spa owners who haven't had formal business training tend to run their operations based on observation. "They simply do what they see other owners do, using trial and error versus using solid business skills. Important decisions may be made based solely on emotions. Having a protocol to work by sets people free," Ahlquist says.

Everyone makes changes in their salon or spa business on a daily basis. The difference is making reactionary changes versus proactive changes that are part of a well planned strategy. Ahlquist has been a cash flow consultant since 1982, working with well over 8,000 salons & spas across the country with his own 7-Step Formula for Success. Cash Flow Camp teaches beauty professionals how to immediately increase the profits of their businesses, how to grow retail sales 300 to 1,000 percent, how to price services, evaluate compensation structures, read and analyze a financial report, manage payroll, create a dream team and have a personalized strategy for success.

Cash Flow Camp attendees first learn how to quantify their businesses. "Numbers are the sign posts along the way to help you on your journey to be successful in your business," says Ahlquist. "We have a unique ability in our Cash Flow Camp to show you how to understand your numbers with a method that is very easy. You're going to know where your profit is coming from – or NOT coming from!" Salon and spa owners bring in their P&Ls -- Profit & Loss statements and many learn how to read them for the very first time. "We teach how to restructure their P&L statement and how to look at cash flow in a way where owners can easily see problems, obstacles and opportunities," says Ahlquist. "Everybody gets the extra attention they need to make sure they understand their financials. We make sure everybody gets it in the end. We leave nobody behind." Attendees look at business details like their salon & spa square footage, the percent of space devoted to retail, their service and retail sales, client retention, marketing return on investment and compensation structures.

"Compensation is the number one reason why salons and spas are not making money," Ahlquist says. "Yet the highest risk for a salon or spa is to change the compensation plan. You could easily create a walk-out and lose all your staff. We set up attendees to win. We teach how to create a controlled environment, how to build leverage while reducing risk and creating cash flow." Attendees learn about the five different types of compensation and which may be the best choice for their management style. They will be different for each individual. "The average salon profit today is 4%," notes Ahlquist. "We start with a target profit of 7.09% and from there it is up to the individual owners to exceed their own goals. We have clients now earning profits in the double digits." Cash Flow Camp attendees will also learn a unique perspective involving a paradigm shift for retail. "We teach salon owners how to take their reception areas and turn them into professional retail beauty stores," notes Alquist. "Retailing professional salon products can help earn owners from $100,000 to $125,000 per year. We show how to best use their square footage and how to design their business around retail, which is the most profitable part of their operation. We have success stories of salons that make a million dollars or more a year in retail. We don't set the targets for the owners, they create their own and really, the sky is the limit!"

Finally, learning how to build a Dream Team is a vital part of a salon or spa owner's success. Lauren Gartland, industry veteran and founder of Inspiring Champions, teaches salon and spa owners how to build their perfect professional team. Gartland shares how to envision and recruit the best people for your business and how to energize your team to support your new vision and goals. Gartland says, "Attendees leave Cash Flow Camp refocused, empowered and energized to run their businesses! Attendees say that they never knew they could have so much fun doing numbers. They come in thinking they weren't a numbers person and leave discovering they really are! You are going to comprehend the financial part of your business and you are going to have a working knowledge of it. You're going to do it yourself and you're going to have people supporting you!"

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Cash Flow Camp

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