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San Diego, CA “Business acumen accounts for 85% of the success a salon or spa will achieve,” notes Oscar Valencia, Jr., a coach with Inspiring Champions, a business training and coaching company working in the professional salon and beauty industry. “Technical ability will only account for 15%. Professionals working in this industry tend to have an artistic, creative mindset and very often their business education is lacking.” Inspiring Champions, founded by industry veteran Lauren Gartland in 1995, has helped thousands of salon and spa professionals each year to earn more income, work less hours and create a work/life balance. They offer live training camps across the country as well as many different types of coaching and mentoring services. Team coaching is offered for groups who work together in a salon or spa, individual coaching is offered for solo technicians or owners, partner coaching is offered for co-owners of a business, and their new Soaring Eagles program is offered for individuals who want to participate in group coaching.

One-on-one individualized coaching for salon and day spa owners is their most common program. Debra Hanson, a former salon owner and service provider, worked in the industry for 28 years before becoming a certified business coach. “It is common for our clients to be service providers who have become owners,” she relays. “They may not have had a lot of education or experience in business training. There are many common challenges we consistently see, including the need to analyze compensation structures, to review their team members, to retool their salon and spa systems and to become successful leaders for their teams.” Coaching for individuals with Inspiring Champions is customized for each owner, yet there is a basic method for the program. Telephone calls are scheduled twice a month and last one hour. In the time between coaching phone calls, there are action plans and success activities to be completed. Typically a coaching series will last a minimum of nine months, yet clients will at times stay on for longer, looking at their coach as a true partner. “We really become a sounding board, helping clients to brainstorm and an accountability partner, to work through challenges as well as wins,” says Hanson.

A typical coaching series will begin with some financial basics. With a coach’s help, owners identify challenges as well as growth areas and then work to create a plan. Cash flow is always analyzed first, as well as the compensation plan. Coaches look at whether an owner needs to recruit new team members, or restructure existing ones. Often this type of individual coaching will include some confidence building for owners who are feeling overwhelmed. “We help our clients to create a work and life balance for themselves,” Hanson says. “They are wearing many hats; that of an owner, manager and often still a service provider. We help empower them and support them so that they can better manage themselves.” Hanson relays she often finds that owners make decisions based on emotion rather than facts. Coaches guide owners into becoming good decision makers, to put systems in place to grow their businesses, become good leaders and take on the ownership of their operation. It’s important to put a plan in place to make sure that the owner can take home a paycheck each month. “We move people through a vision that we are passionate about,” concludes Hanson. “We support and empower others to walk through the challenging areas that they couldn’t walk through on their own.”

Oscar Valencia leads the Soaring Eagles group coaching program, which is designed for those who have attended one of the Inspiring Champions training camps. “Soaring Eagles is an insurance policy for our camp attendees, to ensure that once they leave, they develop mastery and ownership of the programs they learned there,” says Valencia. Well aware of the human tendency to slip back into bad habits once reentering the daily salon or spa environment, the coaching program is a six-month series of two calls per month to practice the new techniques. During the camps, attendees learn many new systems to implement in their daily lives and the Soaring Eagles program serves to reinforce the topics covered and help technicians master them. Valencia relays that one of the most valuable benefits of coaching is accountability. “Participants are held responsible for their actions and are expected to work toward their designated goals. The calls are very interactive, with feedback and discussion of challenges faced as well as victories celebrated. There is much encouragement and team cheering. What you may not realize is that in our program, all of the coaches have coaches too. My coach challenges me to think bigger, to dream bigger. I can then go on to challenge my own clients to think and dream bigger too.”

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