Create A Viable Business Plan

Develop A Blueprint For Your Business To Provide A Visual Target For Clarity & Prosperity

San Diego, CA If you were building a million dollar dream home, wouldn’t you have a blueprint? A business model is the blueprint for your dream career. Instead of settling for whatever comes along in your career or business, take action by developing your own model for success. You will have a visual target for your goals that will provide clarity, help you work more effectively and bring prosperity and success to your career. Lauren Gartland is the founder of Inspiring Champions, a business and coaching company offering live training seminars, coaching and leadership services. She regularly advises clients on how to develop their own business plans by carefully tracking their service ticket averages and goals. “The first step to creating your model is to consider a few basic questions. Base your answers not on what your business currently is, but on what you want it to become. Most people get stuck at this crucial first step. They don’t even let themselves dream, as they don’t think it’s really possible. Our biggest danger is not dreaming too big, but thinking too small,” she shares.

To begin creating your business plan, think about the number of days you want to work per week, your hours and the number of clients you would like to have. Then, consider what your ideal daily and weekly service tickets would be, as well as your average service ticket per client. Remember to dream big! Perhaps you would like to work four days a week, with seven clients a day for a total of 28 clients per week. A typical earnings estimate might be to have a weekly service total of $3,000 with a $750 daily service ticket, for an average service ticket of $107 per client. Next, create your ideal daily target to hit. Gartland instructs, “Decide how many of your clients each day will receive what services. For example, if your daily goal is seven clients per day, then you could have two haircutting clients, two clients receiving haircutting plus one chemical service and three clients receiving haircutting plus two chemical services. Figure out the cost of those services. Perhaps haircuts are $40 each and chemical services are $80 each. With a daily service goal of $750; do the math and figure out how many services those seven clients a day would have to receive to keep you on track to hit your daily target?”

Completing the business model allows you to have more control in your life. You will gain clarity about how you want to design your business. “Write down these new service goals and post them where you can see them every day. Copy them onto note cards that you place on your station, in your appointment book, or anywhere you will see them regularly. The model gives you a visual target of what you’re doing daily. You’ll know if you’re on track, above or behind your goals. If you’re falling short, you can work harder by upselling to bring up your daily average,” says Gartland. For instance, if you were to find that you were not able to reach that daily goal of $750, you could consider some ways to bring your total up some more. Perhaps four clients a day were to receive waxing at $10 each and two clients receive a hair conditioning treatment at $15 each?

You could actually surpass your daily goal by regularly implementing these types of add-on services. Or, you could service fewer clients and have a shorter day or week by regularly using add-ons to bring up service ticket averages. When multiplied by a 50 week year, a $3,000 weekly service total would then become $150,000 – not a bad income for a 4 day week! “That may sound ambitious, yet it is completely attainable once you make the decision to create that income. Short of raising your prices, which in some cases it is appropriate to do, you can continue bringing up your average service ticket by either adding more clients or reprioritizing your services. For instance, perhaps you have too many haircutting clients and not enough chemical services. It may be time to focus on higher value services, such as haircolor and chemical treatments,” Gartland notes.

It helps to create a strong reason to achieve your goals. Reasons always come first, while answers come second. Think about exactly why you want to set these financial goals? Be very specific. Consider what the achievement of the goal would mean to your life. What specifically will you buy or do because of this achievement? What will it cost you if you do not achieve the goal? Gartland concludes, “Achieving the goal for you will probably mean having peace of mind, balance in your life and being able to provide for your family. You may dream of purchasing a new home or car or just taking a great vacation. Not achieving the goal may bring expectations of disappointment, knowing that you never tried or fear of your future. Action is the fuel to success. The moment you decide what you want and write it down, you immediately get the process started!”

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