Create Your Dream Team!

A Solid Action Plan Will Help You Find The Perfect Personnel For Your Salon or Spa

San Diego, CA  “Your salon and spa team will either be formed by chance or by choice,” shares Lauren Gartland, founder of Inspiring Champions, a business and coaching company offering live training seminars to the professional beauty industry.  “You get to choose which one!  When you design your own team, you empower your business and those individuals you have chosen to work with you.” Gartland regularly advises clients on how to create the perfect Dream Team and shares her simple three-step process. “You must not waiver, compromise or sell-out on what you truly want in a new salon or spa employee.  See, feel and believe that the perfect person will come,” she asserts.

Gartland instructs, “First, create your Vision Statement for your ideal team member by selecting two of your favorite employees, past or current.  “Write down their names, and list everything about these two people you like, admire, respect, and appreciate most. List their key characteristics and traits that you would like to see in your future employees. Do not leave anything out!” notes Gartland.  Consider them as you proceed to think about the details of creating your Dream Team.  Consider how many team members you are looking for and your primary objectives and expectations for them.  List the core values, strengths and qualities you want them to have.  Now write out a few paragraphs stating your vision statement.  Write in the present tense, filling it with descriptive details.  "My ideal salon & spa team member is…"   Anything you forget or neglect to describe will be less likely for you to attract.  Date it with a realistic time frame for finding and hiring.

Next, prospect for candidates by placing a “WOW” advertisement in your local newspaper, online or post it at your local skincare and cosmetology schools.  Make it so compelling and exciting that it drives people to you.  In the ad, list at least four of the most important attributes you are seeking.  Be creative, so it does not look like everyone else’s ad.  Avoid making these common mistakes: Do not say you need someone ‘immediately;’ as that denotes desperation.  Do not go into unneeded detail in the ad; save this for the interview.  Do not word the ad too rigidly with requirements as you may repel even hard workers.  Finally, ensure the ad is well written and free of typos.  Make it positive and list the benefits of working in your business.  Use headlines like, “Are you seeking a work environment you can soar in?” or “Are you seeking your dream salon and spa position?”  

Gartland shares, “The interview is often the most difficult element of the recruitment process for most owners. It is uncomfortable to sit and pepper somebody with questions.  It is also difficult to make an accurate assessment after talking with a candidate for only a short time.  That’s why I recommend not just one interview – but three!”  Gartland advises that the first interview should include an in-depth meeting with the owner or manager that includes a review of their application form. Remember to ask probing questions during the interview, which will significantly increase the odds of hiring the right person. “Some of the questions could include, What do you want from your next job that you’re not getting now, or, What three things drove you crazy in your last job?” Gartland says.If their answers to any of the questions are vague, ask for more clarity.  However, always stay in bounds, steering clear of illegal questions such as those that have to do with religion, race, sex, or imply a bias against working moms or dads.  Always verify their references by calling and asking if the applicant is rehirable.

Consider some of the basics about hiring. “The candidate must have the image that you want to portray to the public. This is the best you will ever see them look!  Watch for positive body language, openness and good eye contact. Your candidate should have a professionally prepared resume and should want to pursue a professional career, not just to come to a job every day,” shares Gartland.  The second interview should include details such as your policies and procedures, staff culture, work agreements and compensation structures.  The third should include a demonstration of their hairstyling abilities, other spa services or testing on their computer, phone and customer service skills. “Remember that skill is something that can be developed, yet rarely can you develop one’s attitude,” Gartland notes.  The first step on your path to creating your ideal Salon or Spa Dream Team is simply your decision to invest in your business.  Once you commit to creating your team and take the necessary steps – you will find them!

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