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San Diego, CA Are you a ‘Teller’ or a ‘Delegator?’  Is your leadership style ‘Participating,’ or ‘Consulting?’ Are your team members rote or conceptual learners?  By developing your leadership skills through learning the different styles of leading and learning, you will ultimately build a stronger salon & spa team inspired to succeed!  Inspiring Champions is a business training and coaching company working in the professional beauty industry.  Founder Lauren Gartland and her team help thousands of beauty professionals each year to develop their leadership skills to build stronger careers and grow their businesses. Gartland says, “Leadership has a direct impact on your business profit.  There is a cost to being embedded in your leadership style.  Salon and spa owners and managers have to adjust their styles to meet the needs of their team.”

As a salon or spa owner or manager, you must first learn how to create a powerful and cohesive team through the use of a code of honor in your business.  Create the code with your team, including words such as excellence, integrity, trust and respect. Write out a paragraph detailing your code with things such as treating others as you wish to be treated, not gossiping or making excuses, being committed and responsible. Post it wherever your team members will see it, in break rooms or at salon stations.  Because the code is established together as a team, members have ownership in it and pride in its upkeep. “Much like the Marine code, establishing this kind of system holds team members accountable, holds them to a team standard and gives other members permission to call them on it if they fail to honor the code,” says Gartland.

Strong team building continues by learning the methods of situational leadership. By discovering what your own leadership style is, you can tailor it to address the needs of your staff.  “There are four leadership styles and most people have one style they use on all people,” says Gartland.  “The first and most common style is called ‘Telling.’ Salon owners and managers have a tendency to be ‘Tellers’, a style in which they give directions to employees while still maintaining control. Tellers can often become micro-managers, staying too involved in the details while not allowing their employees to grow. The objective of becoming a leader is ultimately to help grow your team members in their developmental level. Your goal is to reach the fourth level, ‘Delegating,’ in which you assign tasks to personnel, then step back and give them control and responsibility.”  

Before you reach that coveted fourth level however, you must first assess what your team members’ learning styles are.  By acknowledging different learning styles, you can develop better communication skills. There are two styles – rote learners and conceptual learners. Rote learners need to repeat tasks in order to remember them; conceptual learners assimilate new information quickly. Neither style is necessarily better; they just need to be recognized for the proper training method to be applied.  Gartland says, “At least at first, a rote learner will require a Telling style, as they may be overwhelmed by a Delegating style.  Conversely, a conceptual learner may be insulted by a Telling style and feel disrespected by its use.” 

The second leadership style is called ‘Participating,‘ where the transition to shifting power is begun by accepting the team member’s feedback and ensuring they have a reasonable understanding of the required tasks. The third style is ‘Consulting,’ which is more dependent upon feedback and verification of whether the team member is ready for the independent Delegation style.  “Becoming a leader is about empowerment – for your team members as well as for you,” Gartland notes.  “Ultimately, you will benefit from having a strong team and your business will thrive.”

Build a synergistic and positive relationship with your staff.  Encourage your team to share their thoughts and ideas, since your continued success depends on you working together to achieve your planned goals and objectives. “We have inspired and changed thousands of lives through powerful leadership,” concludes Gartland, an industry veteran who has been motivating salon and spa professionals since 1995.  “We want to lift people up, support people’s dreams and fuel the spark of greatness within them!”

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