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Ensure Your Business Soars With Powerful Strategies For Front Desk Personnel

San Diego, CA Is your front desk making you money or costing you money?  To the clients who walk in the front door of your salon or day spa, your front desk literally represents your business.  The front desk person is the touch, face and pulse of your entire operation.  With the proper training, guidance and inspiration, they can become a powerful source of revenue for you and the most important person who works in your business!  Top Gun Front Desk is a webinar training series offered by Inspiring Champions, a business training and coaching company working in the professional salon and beauty industry.  The course is conducted over nine weeks and contains nine modules that cover every aspect of customer service in salons and spas.

Lance Courtney, a certified coach, speaker and trainer with Inspiring Champions, designed the webinar and leads it, having worked with thousands of salons and spas nationwide.  Courtney specializes in training front desk personnel and devising systems to create perfect front desk interactions. “The old way of conducting business leaves the client in charge,” he notes. “The client needs an appointment – so they call and schedule one.  Then they come in, get their service and leave.  There is nothing cycling them back in to your business again.  We reverse the traditional flow of service and turn it upside down.  When your front desk initiates the activity, they then become the driving force piloting the interaction. We reposition our graduates and empower them to believe in themselves and own their new skill sets.  We turn them into advocates for the guests.”

Treating clients as guests changes the entire customer interaction.  Among one of the first skills participants learn is the proper way to greet guests.  The first thing to get rid of may be a surprise.  The chair behind your reception desk!   A receptionist hidden behind a counter is not an interactive host or hostess.  “We replace the chair with a tall rolling stool,” says Courtney, “while freeing the front desk person with a wireless headset.  Now they are capable of interacting with the guest, like a concierge. Their goal then becomes to discover the needs of the guest.”  The next thing to go is your usual greeting.  Do not greet guests by asking how they are!  This will just be answered with the traditional ‘fine.’ It is advised that you ask ‘what brings you in today?’  Now you have a chance for interaction that can result in booking extended services, or booking an appointment if someone is merely visiting.  Always offer guests a drink, as you would in your own home.  Spoil them with a treat, such as a heated aromatherapy wrap for their neck and invite them to browse in your retail section while waiting for their appointment. First impressions are everything and you should treat every guest as if they have a sign on them saying ‘Make me feel important!’

Remember that every time the phone rings in your business it should be making you money, not costing you money.  Properly investing in the training of front desk personnel will ensure that curiosity calls will become booked reservations.  Courtney teaches a system he calls QAC from Top Gun Front Desk.  “QAC is Question, Answer and Close,” he says.  “This system ensures that an interested customer doesn’t get off the phone without booking an appointment.  If they are calling you, they are already in the mindset of buying and are very likely to book.”  Another often missed opportunity is confirmation calls, which Courtney relays is a great chance to be pro-active and add on services for the guest.  “We’ve had salons & spas literally increase their revenues thousands of dollars immediately after implementing the new systems they learned – solely from curiosity calls and confirmation calls,” he notes.

Top Gun Front Desk includes detailed instruction on how to properly make guest reservations, welcome them to your business, confirm appointments, build a rapport and stabilize the salon or spa experience.  Additional topics cover successfully rebooking appointments and retailing products, gift certificates and memberships. “Encourage, motivate and inspire your front desk team,” concludes Courtney.  “Ensure they are properly trained and well rewarded.  Ideally, they should be an advocate for your guests, more invested in the guest’s experience than they are in enforcing the policies and red tape of your business.”  An empowered and involved front desk will reward your business tenfold.  Make the choice today to invest in your front desk team and create the kind of experience for your clients that they’ll never forget!

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Front Desk Webinar

Our front desk training program will improve the way your front desk team interacts with your clients. These proven skills and techniques will lower customer turnover and frustrations while simultaneously creating a profit center from your front desk/reception area.

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