I’m An Artist, Not A Salesperson!

How Salon & Spa Professionals Can Use Professional Systems For Pain-free Retailing & Skyrocketing Profits

San Diego, CA Retailing is the number one profit center in salons and spas, proven to dramatically increase client retention and loyalty. So why aren’t more beauty professionals regularly retailing products and upselling their salon services?  Even the most creative and right-brained beauty professionals can learn how to retail.  Jamie Klatt is a trainer with Inspiring Champions, a business and coaching company offering live training seminars to the professional beauty industry. Klatt trains salon and spa professionals on how to skyrocket their profits by using systems with prepared scripts to increase service and retail sales.

Klatt notes, “Most hairstylists have trouble seeing the value of upselling and retailing to their clients because they have not personally received the same services themselves!  Hairstylists usually buy their products at wholesale cost and they have their hair done by a co-worker.  They haven’t spent money on having great experiences themselves, so naturally they haven’t yet seen the value of what they give to their own clients.” Klatt suggests that hairstylists and other salon professionals invest in receiving the same services they give, to better understand the value that the client is receiving. They can then have the confidence to offer their clients additional services and products, which will provide better results and a fuller salon or spa experience.  “Retailing has nothing to do with selling,” Klatt says.  “Retailing is an important extension of your salon services. The client needs to be able to duplicate their hairstyle at home and they simply cannot do this without the proper professional haircare products. For home maintenance and to extend the life of haircolor, clients need to have the correct products.  The hairstylist’s job is to educate the client and then the decision to buy becomes theirs.”  Never try to manage clients’ spending; that is their business and you never truly know what their budget is. Do not judge whether they can afford a service; they may have curtailed other expenses just for you!

Actively retailing in your business is simply not optional in today’s economy.  It will be the factor that saves many struggling salons and spas.  It’s simply a fact that retail has a direct correlation with client retention and loyalty.  Statistics show that clients who buy one retail product have a 30% retention rate; clients who buy two products have a 60% retention rate and clients who buy three products have a 90% retention rate. Inspiring Champions has many salon and spa systems that teach beauty professionals how to successfully grow retail and service sales.  Klatt notes, “There is a reason why businesses like Starbuck’s and McDonald’s are so successful.  They have professional systems that they use every time.  You will always be asked if you want a side order of French fries at McDonald’s, or if you want to try the new holiday blend at Starbuck’s.” While people act emotionally, systems do not.  People are hard to manage, while systems are easy.  Systems hold people accountable for their results, so that reviewing their performance then becomes analytical and not personal.

Klatt knows firsthand how retailing can profit a business and elevate a career for salon and spa professionals. “As a hairstylist, I started with an average service ticket of $22,” he notes.  “After implementing professional salon systems into my day, I was able to get my average ticket up to $187. Then, I attended ‘Champ Camp’ with Inspiring Champions and within six weeks, my average ticket grew to $485.  Learning how to do a thorough consultation opened my eyes.  I used every system, every time and the payout was amazing!  I made recommendations to clients as if I had no limitations.  I learned new services such as thermal straightening and hair extensions that allowed me to exponentially grow my average ticket, all with a baseline haircut price of $65.  This put me in the top earning one percent of the beauty industry nationwide.”  Klatt recommends that all salon & spa owners, managers and technicians learn professional systems and scripts to elevate their careers and enable them to earn this type of income.  Regular practice and role-playing during weekly salon meetings can really help to create a perfect delivery.

“Your job as a beauty professional is not only to service clients in your business, but also to educate them on your product lines and on the other services that you can provide.  Beyond that, it is your job to open their eyes to the possibilities for their images and their lives. Yet, before you can help them to see the possibilities for themselves – you have to see the possibilities for yourself!” Klatt concludes.  Invest in your career and business by learning professional systems to help skyrocket your profits.  Go out and personally experience what you are offering your clients.  Then you can truly appreciate just how much value you really give to clients on a daily basis and how much more you could offer in the future.

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