Arra Hair Salon & Spa finds profit in a more productive atmospere

Jack Arra explains how Champ Camp changed everything

Champ Camp was a new beginning for Jack Arra and his business partner and brother, Mike.  “Champ Camp changes everything, professionally as well as personally. It truly puts you on the road to success, “ says Jack.
Jack and Mike grew up in the beauty industry when their parents opened a salon in 1970.  The Arra brothers both became hairstylists and opened three of their own locations.  When their parents retired, they took over that salon as well.  Feeling spread too thin between the multiple locations, Jack and Mike decided to combine into one establishment and Arra Hair Salon and Spa in Chagrin Falls, Ohio was reborn.

Their new salon was staffed with great talent, but the salon was not profitable.  Jack says, “The industry was changing fast but we were not. We were working hard all day long, yet we could barely break even, and retail was just pretty products on display.”

Looking for a solution, the Arra brothers came upon Inspiring Champions Founder and President Lauren Gartland who advised that to change their salon’s culture and become profitable, they should attend Champ Camp. “Wow, we were blown away,” says Jack. “Attending Champ Camp taught us to be effective and productive stylists.  It taught us to get our staff on board. It gave us tools and systems to create the culture we needed, to become successful and profitable, slowly becoming the best in our city. We are fortunate to have talented staff but were lacking the systems and tools that we now possess to work smarter instead of harder. “

Arra Hair Salon and Spa also brought Inspiring Champions Coach and Champ Camp Facilitator Lance Courtney in to do four on-site mini Champ Camp seminars for their team and to be their personal business coach. “Lance taught our staff the ‘bump system’ to make more money in less time,” Jack says. “We are proud to say that we grew our gross total 18% our first year and another 10% on the second. Our team has grown their average service ticket by applying what Champ Camp calls the ‘perfect consultation’ and has tripled their average retail ticket. Our rebooking was unheard of before. We now have turned our guests into loyal customers by rebooking before the cutting cape comes off.”

Champ Camp and the subsequent coaching have given Arra Hair Salon and Spa the tools they need to succeed which has made Jack Arra a very satisfied client.  He affirms, “In today’s economy we all need all the help we can get, and with Inspiring Champions , we are armed and profitable! Their program covers every step and every corner, and if it doesn’t - they will find you the answer.”

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