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San Diego, CA With a long and impressive list of accomplishments in the professional beauty industry, as well as experiences in sales, management, distributing, training and coaching – you would never know that Lauren Gartland wasn't always this successful. "We don't learn when life is working," Gartland says, "We learn in difficult times. I didn't start my coaching company, Inspiring Champions, when I was at the top of my game. I literally was emotionally and financially bankrupt and homeless." Many of Gartland's seminar attendees are in a similar place. Her life experiences have served as an inspiration to thousands of salon professionals as they strive to succeed in their own businesses and lives. "For many of our clients, we are their last hope," she notes. Changing people's lives and turning around their professions has become a personal mission for Gartland, who strives to globally transform the salon and spa industry. Gartland has made Inspiring Champions one of the top business training and coaching companies in the industry and shares, "This truly is not a career, it's my personal mission."

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, Gartland comes from a large family with eleven siblings. So, it is no surprise that she is so skilled at leading a crowd. "I am truly blessed to have five amazing brothers and five sisters. My mother is my biggest inspiration and cheerleader!" she shares. Gartland always loved learning, yet did not perform well in school. It wasn't until years later that she discovered she had Attention Deficit Disorder. What Gartland lacked in formal training, she made up by becoming an adamant ongoing learner throughout her life. She has attended over 900 hours in seminars with some of the country's most well known and respected sales and motivational trainers like Tony Robbins, Zig Zigler, Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchert and Tom Hopkins. Gartland notes, "If you spend 15 minutes a day learning about one topic, in one year you will become an expert. I've always tried to surround myself with people who know more than I do."

While Gartland did not excel in traditional schooling, she did excel in something she attributes as the greatest motivation for her success – her love of sports. She loved to compete and developed the discipline to become an athlete. "From competitive sports I learned to have personal integrity, commitment, relentless persistence and how to handle pain. I learned how to push through failure, how to fall down over and over again and to keep getting up." Gartland shares that sports taught her the importance of having a competent coach. This is something that she still practices today in her company, where all the trainers have a personal coach. Personal coaching is also a vital part of Inspiring Champions' services, where individual salon professionals can be coached by phone on a bi-weekly basis. "A coach helps you get up when you need help," notes Gartland. "The greatest failure is being afraid to try. If you're not failing – you're not playing the game full out."

Gartland excelled at her first career job, waiting on tables in high-end restaurants where she learned how to best relate to people. Friends encouraged her to go into sales, where her people skills would really shine. It wasn't until she met the hairstylist of a good friend that she realized the professional beauty industry would be a perfect fit for her. Gartland's favorite product was "Freeze & Shine" hairspray, so it seemed only logical to begin with John Paul Mitchell Systems. Yet when she contacted the company, she was informed that only licensed cosmetologists could apply. Going back to school was not an option for Gartland. She persisted by calling owner Jeanne Braa every day, until finally she offered to work for three months free of charge. Gartland went on to work for the Paul Mitchell Company for 6.5 years and was in the top 1% of 4,000 sales consultants in the country. She loved her time in sales, but when a managerial position opened up at another company, she took it. She went on to train other sales people and led a team with a total of 250% increase in sales. Gartland then decide to get into a distributorship and took a position where she produced an 860% increase in sales for the manufacturer in only eight months time. Then, events occurred that were to form the rest of her career and change her life forever. Gartland was fired.

"What happened in that moment, changed the course of my life. In a split second, I lost everything. To start that distributorship I cashed out my 401K, invested the savings that were meant to buy a home, took loans from my family. I had risked everything." After being let go, Gartland was forced to file bankruptcy. She lost her home, put her belongings in storage and slept on a friend's couch. She even lost all her personal possessions after the storage unit was broken into. Gartland was truly at the end of her rope. She shares, "In my darkest moment, I was standing in the kitchen and I prayed to God, what do you want me to do in my life?" And God literally answered her – so clearly she thought someone was in the kitchen with her! "I was at rock bottom with nowhere to go but up. Here's what I knew; no one could take my dreams, my lessons, my successes and values from me. I knew then I was going to start Inspiring Champions and transform the beauty industry, inspiring others to excel. When I lost everything, I gave birth to the work we're doing today."

That was in 1995 and today Gartland has helped to transform thousands of lives. "I realize now that all the experiences I had over the years, in waitressing, sales, management, distributing, all contributed towards starting Inspiring Champions." She still faced obstacles – her first seminar at a salon was a disaster and the owner asked for her money back. Yet Gartland persisted. "I've always been unstoppable, stubborn and relentless," she says. She went on to develop the successful curriculum that has taught salon owners and technicians how to earn over $100,000 a year and to reach their own dreams, all by using her own life experiences to inspire others. Through her own challenges with traditional schooling she was able to help many creative beauty professionals who also did not learn well with mainstream methods. "My disabilities have become abilities. They have made me successful, helped me to make training easy enough for anyone to learn."

Gartland has truly been a visionary, creating the Inspiring Champions legacy that is a unique combination of business training, leadership skills, life coaching, motivation and inspiration. Earlier in her life, while she was attending a Brian Tracy seminar, she was asked by Tracy: "If you could do one thing and knew you could not fail – what would you do?" She hesitated for a long time before finally answering, "I would do what you're doing." That moment changed the course of her life. She didn't yet know the events that would transpire, resulting in the creation of her own company. Yet now she sees that everything fell into place just perfectly for her to start her own transformational business. "Once you expand your mind, there is no turning back," she concludes.

Gartland continues to motivate countless beauty professionals each year, speaking at Inspiring Champions live training seminars and industry trade shows. She has received a wide array of media coverage and been featured in numerous beauty care publications including American Salon, Modern Salon, Salon Today, First Chair, Stylist & Salon Newspapers, DaySpa, Spa Canada, Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, Dermascope, Skin Inc., NailPro, Massage Magazine, OTC Beauty Magazine, the National Hair & Skin Journal, The Hair Industry Connection, Your Beauty Industry and was recently honored in LaunchPad Magazine with a Reader's Choice Award for Best Programs.

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