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San Diego, CA Inspiring Champions is a professional business education and coaching company founded in 1995 by industry veteran Lauren Gartland.  A team of dedicated leaders provide practical, proven and successful solutions to the top business needs and challenges of the salon and day spa industry. The Inspiring Champions’ Mission is to globally transform the salon and spa Industry through world-class business education and coaching.  They currently offer live training seminars, called “camps,” for such topics as ‘Improving Your Cash Flow’, ‘Client Retention’, ‘Service & Retail Sales’, ‘Front Desk Training’, ‘Creating a Dream Team’ and ‘Advanced Leadership’.  They offer individual coaching and mentoring, telephone consultations and a complete array of resources including workbooks, audio tapes, webinars and live telephone interviews with industry leaders.

When Lauren Gartland first conceived of the idea for this business to help salon owners, hairstylists and other beauty industry professionals transform their businesses and careers, she realized this – you cannot win a game that you don’t know how to play.  Someone had to help these businesses and individuals to learn the rules of business and how to prosper. “There was an epidemic in the beauty industry,” Gartland notes.  “No cosmetology schools teach business training skills.  Our goal is to bridge the technical skills of hairstyling with critically important business skills.”  Inspiring Champions provides proven business systems and solutions that instantly increase sales, client retention, customer satisfaction and profitability.  Yet, it’s not just about business and profit.  Gartland and her team want to inspire salon owners and all professionals not just on how to make more money, but to work fewer hours, live a more balanced life and to have more fun!

Gartland originally had a very successful background in sales, working for John Paul Mitchell Systems in San Diego before moving on to become a top sales manager and to eventually own a distributorship.  For years, she had been accumulating just the types of skills and knowledge that would help her to teach others in the industry how to succeed with easy to follow  steps and procedures.  When she first began, Gartland visited thirty salons, asking them what they needed to improve in their businesses.  She then made a series of charts, taking the top ten items from each salon and meeting with over a hundred professionals in her industry for advice and mentoring.  The end result was the creation of the “Champ Camp,” a hands-on seminar with a proven formula for success.  “If you want to be successful, find a need that others have and fulfill it,” shares Gartland.  She realized that her entire career was leading her up to this entrepreneurial venture.

Gartland worked solo for the first eight years, adding her first coaches in 2003 and forming a full in-house team by 2007.  “I was trying to do it all at first, like a salon owner who still does hair,” she shares.  “In my business now, I am the most proud of my other team members who support the vision of Inspiring Champions.  I’ve never had to search for coaches, I just found them or they found me when the time was right.”  Inspiring Champions currently has 14 coaches and 8 trainers, including Gartland.  Four live training “camps” are offered by the company: Champ Camp, Cash Flow Camp, Leadership Camp for Owners and Top Gun Front Desk.  These are held on a rotation basis around the country, so salon owners and professionals can conveniently attend. Champ Camp is their signature workshop, teaching proven systems for running successful salons and promising hairstylists the chance to increase their personal incomes to $100,000. “This is a hands-on, step-by-step, paint by numbers business training course that will change your life and make you money for the rest of your career!” assures Gartland.

These expectations may seem high, yet Inspiring Champions has the testimonials and results to back them up.  “We get amazing results in large numbers,” notes Gartland.  “Clients tell us we are different from other coaching companies, because we literally change their lives. They consistently tell us that while other companies tell them what to do and why to do it – Inspiring Champions tells them HOW to do it.”  Offering hands-on experiential workshops, the Inspiring Champions’ seminars are mainly conducted in breakout groups with a trainer for each group.  Gartland notes that because information is taught in five learning phases, the participants are able to retain an unprecedented 90% of what they learn.  With ongoing support after students leave the live event, they don’t slip back into the old ways and bad habits that they’ve learned to break.

In addition to the camps, Inspiring Champions offers in salon training, mentoring and coaching.  Coaching is facilitated by telephone over a series of months. “While coaching, we walk the salon owners’ journeys with them,” notes Gartland.  “We take them from where they are to places they could not go on their own.”  Gartland has many future plans for Inspiring Champions, from continuing to grow their team and add courses, material and web resources as the need arises, to creating business success packages for students new to the professional beauty industry. Gartland even envisions a complete salon franchise of turnkey operations to set up a foundation of success for beauty entrepreneurs.  “We want to lift people up, support people’s dreams and fuel the spark within,” she concludes. 

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Inspiring Champions is a business and coaching company offering live training camps, coaching and mentoring services, webinars, audio tapes and educational resources.

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Jenny Hogan is the Media Director at Marketing Solutions, Inc., a full-service marketing, advertising and PR agency specializing in the professional beauty business.

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