A Transformational New Year’s Resolution

Inspiring Champions Onsite Training Programs Offer Customized Solutions For Every Business

San Diego, CAHaving an individualized training program created just for your salon or spa is truly a transformational investment you can made for your business.  This New Year, go a step beyond planning the usual business goals and objectives.  Resolve to create a real vision for your salon or spa that will synergize your team and energize your business.  Lance Courtney is a certified coach, speaker and trainer with Inspiring Champions, a business training company specializing in the professional beauty industry. Courtney and other Inspiring Champions trainers offer Onsite Speaking and Training opportunities that provide completely customized solutions for individual salons and spas.  

Every business has its own culture, with its own value set and distinctive way of operating and a customized plan has to consider these specific elements.  Courtney says, “By thoroughly identifying the culture of the salon or spa and creating open communication for all the team members, we discover the roadblocks the business is encountering and work to resolve and remove them.”  Those roadblocks can include everything from common challenges like implementing salon systems on retailing, booking appointments, front desk operation and customer service to communication skills and interpersonal problems within the business.  “The difference between having a customized session for your team vs. attending a large seminar is that our training is created for the needs, wants and culture of YOUR business,” notes Courtney.  “We look at all the elements that make up the average service ticket and profitability of a business.  This includes using basic salon and spa systems and focusing on client conversion but also considering things like management, communication, education, motivation and fun.” 

A clear objective is created for each business as it pertains to their particular situation.  Courtney notes, “We look at the numbers collectively as a team, as well as individually as team members.  Team members may have low service tickets even though they have many clients.  Salons and spas can also have team members with high individual service tickets, yet have a collectively low average.”  Very high-end salons and spas are often shocked to find out where they actually stand in the national average in service and retail tickets.  The average retail ticket for hair is $11 for the top 10% and $22 for the top 1%.  As a team, even multimillion dollar salons and spas are often performing at just average or even below.  “When they find this out, it is usually the moment where the ‘will to learn’ happens!” says Courtney.  “Having a system alone is great.  Being aware of where to use the system is even better.  Are you converting new clients, are they becoming regular guests, are you consistently upselling services and retailing products? The responsibility of the salon or spa is to create experiences, to think for the client and show them what’s next. The average new client conversion ratio is 30%. Many of the businesses we have worked with are at 75 to 80%.”

Once the team members have the motivation to bring up their collective average, then salon systems can be taught and implemented on a regular basis. It is important to first create strong Vision and Mission statements.  A Vision is the big picture of what you are working towards as a business.  The Mission is why you are doing what you do.  “Vision adds value.  Involve your entire team in collectively creating your vision.  People support what they create,” says Courtney. Have your team members describe, in a perfect world, how they would like the business to be? Ask them to list the benefits of things like better communication and teamwork.  Have them identify their individual as well as group responsibilities.   What they are really doing is creating their own work culture, one they will feel ownership and pride in.  “The idea isn’t necessarily to compromise, but rather to synergize,” concludes Courtney. “In science there is a saying that there is no wrong or right, only what works or what doesn’t work.  Now add, ‘what works better?’ Ask yourself what is working and not working in your business and what could work better?  By creating a strong vision and involving and empowering your team, you ensure a transformational New Year!

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