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Inspiring Champions Member Rachaun Julian Builds Her Dream Business ~ Three Times!

San Diego, CA In late August of 2005, hair designer Rachaun Julian packed a suitcase to attend the Premiere Orlando Beauty Show in Florida. Julian had spent years building her first successful business as a hair designer and was enthusiastically continuing her education and growing her career. What she did not know was that she would need to rebuild that successful career from the ground up not just once – but two more times. Julian had no idea that the suitcase of belongings she had taken to Premiere Orlando would soon be all that she would have left in the world Rachaun Julian was from New Orleans. In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina was to devastate her home and leave her with virtually nothing overnight. Julian lost her home, her job and everything that she owned and had worked for over the years.

As a hairstyling student in 2001, Julian was young and full of energy. She imagined creating her own dream business one day, yet didn’t really know exactly how she would achieve it. When she attended the Premiere Orlando Beauty Show the next year in 2002, she joined in a 90-minute Inspiring Champions seminar. That seminar was to literally change her entire thought process on the possibilities of what she could achieve as a beauty professional. Julian immediately signed up for the Inspiring Champions course Champ Camp, a live training seminar led by industry veteran Lauren Gartland and her team of industry experts. Attending that Champ Camp seminar took Julian to the next level of her training and changed her life forever.

Julian shares, “Champ Camp is a life changing experience. What I thought I had signed up for was nothing like what I got. Champ Camp blew me away. I learned exactly how to create that ideal business I had always wanted, by strategically using proven IC salon systems. It renewed my confidence and my approach to many things in my life.” Julian immediately put her new knowledge to use daily as a commissioned hair designer in the New Orleans business; In The Master’s Hands Salon. She was earning $400 weekly in service sales before she attended Champ Camp and the first week out of camp, she earned $1,200. She consistently used the systems she learned and her second year out of beauty school, Julian earned an impressive $108,000. Julian’s business continued to grow steadily and she started regularly working with Inspiring Champions as a coach at their live Champ Camp seminars.

Then in 2005, Julian attended the Premiere Orlando show and was not to return to New Orleans for nine months after Hurricane Katrina hit. Left literally with nothing, another Champ Camp coach actually had to give her a change of clothing to wear at the show. She was fortunate enough to meet Susan McClure, a coach who invited Julian into her home and business in Atlanta, GA. Julian lived with Susan and worked in her salon for the next several months, starting her life once again from scratch. Julian notes, “I had no clients and no referrals but I believed I could start over again. In six weeks, I was making $800 per week in service sales. I used the IC salon systems I had learned at Champ Camp and once again created my ideal business. Many people I knew in New Orleans had gone into depressions, into downward spirals. For me, it was a new beginning and I never doubted that it wouldn’t work out.”

At the end of Julian’s time in Atlanta, she was earning $1,200 per week in service sales. Back on her feet, Julian then decided it was time to return home. So for the third time in her life, she was to start over again with nothing. She returned to find New Orleans devastated and her old clientele gone. Yet, she approached the situation once again as an opportunity for another fresh start. She built her clientele back up and consistently used the tools she had learned to create her dream business yet again. Julian says, “No matter where I went, I still had my IC salon systems in place. In fact, I went from working four days a week to working three days and was soon earning from $2,800 to $3,000 in service sales. When you approach any challenge or obstacle as an opportunity to do something greater, you will set yourself up for a better course. Don’t ever give up! Be unstoppable and persevere.”

One thing is certain; Rachaun Julian cannot imagine all this happening over the past several years without the tools she possesses that allowed her to succeed. Inspiring Champions founder Lauren Gartland concludes, “Hurricane Katrina could not take away Rachaun’s determination, perseverance or belief in herself. She was able to start over and reach the top again and again. With the right tools you can lose everything and you can come back and do it again and do it even better. Champ Camp serves as a lifeline of hope; for a better, more fulfilling business and life. Like Rachaun, you can lose everything, but there are certain things that the Katrinas of life cannot ever take away from you. The investment you make in yourself, the knowledge, systems and tools you gain will allow you to soar above the greatest adversities to brand new heights.”

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