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Retailing Professional Products Instantly Boosts Profits & Ensures Your Business Success

San Diego, CA Retailing professional products in your salon or spa not only will have an enormous impact on your revenue, it may be the key profit driver that keeps your front door open in tough economic times. “It’s a fact that service sales average a 4% profit and retail sales average a 24% profit,” notes Lauren Gartland, founder and president of Inspiring Champions. This business training and coaching company specializes in helping thousands of beauty professionals each year to earn more income while also keeping a work/life balance. “Not only will selling retail items make your business more profitable immediately, it is also a fact that there is a direct correlation with retail increasing your client loyalty and retention. Plus, retail doesn’t get sick or have any problems; it just sits there and makes you money! If there are owners who want to increase revenue, this is the best way to profit with a sure thing,” Gartland says.

Selling retail will earn your salon or spa six times more profit than your services will. “What this means to the owner is that it’s all about the bottom line. If you were to sell $1,000 in services based on the averages, you will make $40 in profit. If you sell $1,000 in retail, you will make $340 in profit. If you want to retain your profits and increase revenue, then your focus must become retail,” Gartland notes. So how should salon & spa owners share this message with their staff to get them fired up about retailing products? Most beauty professionals are notoriously reluctant to become salespeople, preferring to focus on services instead. Breaking it down to the numbers will show the impact that retail really makes.

Gartland instructs, “It is about challenging the mindset of the professional. Share how those increased profits will impact their earnings and improve their careers. Allow them to grasp the reality of what using the right products means to their clients. If your professional products were taken away from you – could you still finish your services effectively? You could not. Your clients also won’t be able to duplicate their hairstyle, or perform their skincare regimens successfully at home, without your professional product recommendations. It is not about selling; it is simply about completing the service. You have a responsibility to educate the guest and show them what they can achieve for their looks or lifestyle.”

Statistically, 86% of your clients will go somewhere in the 48 hours after their appointment with you to purchase personal care products. They will probably buy retail products at their drugstore, grocery store or online. Why not offer that they purchase those products from you? Gartland shares, “Your clients trust you to recommend products that they need, that are professional grade and that you know will benefit their specific requirements. In fact, clients actually expect you to give them recommendations, especially if they have been with you for two years or more.” Client loyalty and retention are increased when beauty professionals retail products. It increases your credibility and commitment, showing that you really care about their results and success. “Typically, clients will purchase half of the products you recommend for them. It is increased to a 70% chance they’ll take a product home if they actually hold it in their hands. If you put nothing out in front of them, then they will definitely take home nothing!” Gartland concludes.

Changing your own mindset about retailing is the first step towards implementing this simple way to guarantee profits. Incorporate retailing into every step of your normal services and don’t wait until the end of the appointment to awkwardly squeeze it in. Memorize a thirty second script on every product and let the client know what you are using during their service and why. Show them how to duplicate your results at home and educate them on the benefits of your professional products. Show them the potential of what they can really achieve for themselves after they leave your salon or spa.

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