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San Diego, CA Rodi Bechara was already a successful hairstylist and salon owner before attending his first Inspiring Champions training seminar.  Owner of Rodi Salon & Spa of Vienna, Virginia since 2004, Bechara was already grossing over $300,000 per year. Before attending a Champ Camp in 2011 and a Cash Flow Camp in 2012, Bechara had planned to increase his work hours from five to six days a week to increase profits.  Now, he has actually decreased his schedule to four days a week and will eventually slow to three.  By raising his prices and regularly implementing Inspiring Champions professional salon systems, Bechara has increased his daily profit by $200 a day, now averaging from $1,500 to $1,700 daily.  He shares, “On many days I’m now hitting $2,000, which previously was my personal best. We were a successful salon before, yet we were just doing what everyone else was doing.  Now we stand out.  I work less hours and earn 20% more, while also being able to coach my team and help them be more successful.”

Bechara previously worked as an instructor for Redken and received some business training there.  He had an idea of how professional salon systems worked, yet never followed them regularly.  After his Inspiring Champions training, he started with the Perfect Consultation and Goal Tracking systems, moving on to Rebooking, Upselling and Retailing. When Bechara first started implementing the salon systems, he thought at first it might be disastrous, as two stylists immediately left. Yet other employees saw his success and the salon business increased immediately. He notes, “Once I started implementing the systems regularly, my other stylists started noticing I was booked more and was able to sell more products than ever before.  They realized after a while that the little details are important.”

Effective client consultations were something that Bechara previously did implement, yet now he practices them for every client, every single time.  He shares, “I tell new clients that I just want to know what they are looking for during the consultations, to ensure they get what they want.  Afterwards when clients see the results and they begin to realize why we are facilitating our consultations; it really opens up their eyes.  Maybe their highlights needed to be changed to another haircolor shade from what they described?  You can just give them something to think about, like how highlights would make them look younger, then let it go and move on.  You plant the seed, nourish it and then it grows into a tree with fruit.”  Bechara notes that three out of ten clients will ask about a service or product brought up at the consultation during their service.

Bechara’s biggest challenge remains building clientele and he allots funds regularly for marketing with Google advertisements, bringing in on average 100 new clients a month to his salon.  Bechara relays that he always knew in theory what he needed to do to increase business, yet Inspiring Champions taught him how to do it, with proven systems. “It just opened my eyes as to what I should concentrate on and how to manage my time between home and work.  Most importantly, I learned how to talk to my team and be persuasive, to show them how the systems will benefit them,” he says. Bechara has learned to inspire and motivate his own salon team, noting, “Every time you point your finger at someone; three fingers are pointing at you. You are responsible for your team and by showing them the path, they can then choose to follow through or stay where they are.”

In addition to the camps he has attended, Bechara also participated in an Inspiring Champions coaching series with coach Jolene Casey.  Casey has helped Bechara change his financial structure and run his business more efficiently. Bechara will definitely attend more Inspiring Champions training classes in the future as well as sign up for another coaching series. Bechara’s advice to stylists and owners wanting to earn $100,000 or upwards is to simply follow the programs.  “You will not believe how easily it will come.  Yet you cannot do just one part and not the others; you have to follow the whole system.  It definitely works; it worked for me and my staff and it will work for other businesses.”

The biggest surprise for Bechara after establishing the new Inspiring Champions salon systems?  “I can actually work less hours and make the same amount of money, or even more,” he says.  Immigrating to America at age 25 from Lebanon, Bechara loves being a hairstylist and salon owner.  “My goal is to eventually slow down in 10 to 15 years, yet I love doing hair and would love to always be a stylist.  It is like therapy for me; it makes me feel good deep inside.”

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