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San Diego, CA Before attending the Inspiring Champions Champ Camp live training seminar in 2005, salon owner Russell Phillips thought he was doing just fine. Phillips shares, "I was busy and booked all the time, so I thought I was successful. I had nothing to compare myself to, or aspire to become before attending my first Champ Camp seminar. I was on a big ego trip; I thought I was all that and a bag of chips! After attending Champ Camp, I came away feeling excited, but also realizing that I had been living in a dream world. It was a wake-up call." Phillips had an immediate increase in income after his Champ Camp seminar the first year, increasing from $50,000 to $75,000 the second year and then reaching $100,000 in his third.

Phillips never before knew he could aspire to earn $100,000. That type of income seemed like something for hairstylists working in a large city, or at a very high end salon. Phillips says, "That number was not even in my head. I knew there were stylists earning a lot, but never thought I would be one of them. When you learn to see past what you can't do, it is like having your blinders taken off. You then realize you can achieve things you've never thought possible, or even dreamed of doing. It was just extraordinary." Phillips opened his Kansas City, MS Hair Salon Belle Epoque in 2005. He had first discovered Lauren Gartland and the Inspiring Champions offerings at a Chicago hair show that same year. Phillips was motivated to attend his first Champ Camp seminar that summer and afterward participated in their coaching series. He has since been back to Champ Camp at least three times, as well as completing three coaching series and the financially themed Cash Flow Camp.

Phillips is especially enthusiastic about his coaches. "I've had three different coaches and they were each awesome. At first I was being advised on my human resources issues as I was a new salon owner. That helped me get through my challenges of dealing with people and learn how to manage my staff. I just thought people would naturally want to do their best and that was not the case!" Phillips's second coach worked with him on his financials, time management and held him accountable to his goals, continually stressing that his life was 'not a dress rehearsal.' Phillips's current coach is Debra Hanson, who has helped him with his profit & loss statements, helping his team to also work towards a better living and to understand how everything works together synergistically. He notes, "Each time I get a new coach, it's the next step for me. I can't imagine not having a coach now. They are that 'go to' person when I'm in a crunch, someone you can turn to who is fully committed to your success."

While Phillips had taken business classes before and did some goal tracking and financial planning in the past, it was simplistic and he did not use established salon systems. As he was only competing against himself, his increases were minimal and he never exceeded a certain level. He shares, "My experience was that stylists made a certain amount and then capped out; the only way I knew to make more money was to raise my prices." After his Inspiring Champions experiences, he realized he needed to focus on adding more services and creating his ideal client base. The first system Phillips started using was goal setting, with road maps, score cards and a monthly action planner. He then started using the Perfect Consultation, which he was hesitant to start but when he did, found it made a tremendous difference. Phillips shares, "My clients loved it! They said it was very professional and that no one had ever asked them these questions before."

When he reached the $100,000 goal in his third year of business ownership, Phillips was then using all the Inspiring Champions salon systems and doing daily goal tracking. He now has an entire retail section in his business, with one third of the salon being devoted to products. Phillips says, "I did a little retailing before, but not much. I knew it was important to include retail sales, but didn't realize just how important until I started seeing the results. Without retailing, I would probably have had to close my business in the first few years." Phillips now works four days a week behind the chair, with one full day spent on the business; he will soon be cutting that back to three days a week styling hair, with two days on the business. With the help of his Inspiring Champions coaches, he has now created his perfect salon team. "It was a progression to get the right team. I am very particular about who I hire and have a very selective process. Potential employees go through six interviews, which takes from two to four weeks to complete. Each interview has a specific focus; I'm looking for motivated employees who want a career and not just a job. The team I have now is extraordinary; they are fully committed to raising the bar of this industry. It takes time for it to all fall into place, but once it does, it's magic."

Phillips shares that his biggest challenge has been getting past the voice in his head that tells him he cannot succeed. Having a coach has been invaluable to ensure him he is indeed good enough, and to also help his team to recognize their own worth, helping them to dream bigger. He shares, "Getting people to see that big dream is so important. I remind people how it all works together, from the goal setting to how your consultations support you to get your numbers up. Each individual portion of the tracking system tells a story about what's really going on in your business and in the end it all gets wrapped up with a pretty bow! It is also a reflection of your personal life. Where you are held up in your business is where you are held up in your life. If you can do this for your business, just think what you can achieve in your life!"

The biggest surprise that Phillips experienced after starting to work toward his goal of being a $100,000 stylist was simply how easy it was to achieve. He shares, "I don't have to be at my business every day anymore. My business runs itself now. I can go away for a week, come back and everything is still running smoothly, the way it's supposed to. The true measure of a business is that you do not have to be there. These salon systems work amazingly well and have enabled me to have this peace of mind." Phillips plans to keep setting goals and stretching himself each and every day. His new goal is to have a million dollars in service sales in his salon this year. He also plans to hit 18% in retail sales as well as to expand his salon from 10 to 30 chairs. Phillips also works as an educator for TIGI Haircare and loves teaching and working with new students. He says, "To me this is not work anymore. I get to go to my salon and have fun with my clients, work with my team to improve their lives and help others to expand through my teaching. I especially love working with the new kids, who are going to come up with out-of-the-box ideas that I can learn from!"

Russell Phillips is a truly inspiring role model for any hairstylist, salon owner or beauty professional wanting to pursue their dreams, earn a six figure salary and also keep a work/life balance. He concludes, "I would not have the life I have now if I had not gone through the process that Inspiring Champions provided. I've taken the classes, gotten the coaching and training, implemented all the salon systems and have used them successfully 100%!"

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