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San Diego, CA Salon owner Melody Edens just missed the mark of being a $100,000 hairstylist last year by only $541. The reason she missed this important milestone in her career? Something even more important occurred in her life – the birth of her grandson on December 27! Edens took the rest of the year off to be a grandmother and to enjoy some well earned time with her family. She shares, "I was able to take time off because of the training and coaching I've received from Inspiring Champions, allowing me to work less hours. The special thing is that I now have the ability to reschedule my life when I need to. I now take one day a week off and designate it as 'Grandma Day!' With my daughter at work, this is such a reward for me."

Edens is the owner of the Melody Edens Salon in San Antonio, Texas and has been a hairstylist for over 30 years. She opened her current business in June 2010 after previous experience as an owner, as well as being an independent contractor and educator for Redken and other haircare companies. Edens first took Champ Camp in February 2011 and attended Cash Flow Camp the same year. She says, "My first reaction to Champ Camp was a big 'aha!' moment. It was a breakthrough moment during an exercise to determine what we needed to make on a daily basis to increase our incomes. As we worked through the numbers, I realized I didn't have to really do that much more to meet my goals! I saw how simple it was to break big goals down into bite-sized pieces that I could swallow. A sense of relief came over me as I saw the reality of the great things that were possible, by using the Inspiring Champions systems."

Edens had tried to keep up with her averages in her business before, yet she didn't have a systematic way for tracking that she could use as an ongoing reference. The Champ Camp instruction helped her take her current program and put it into a format that was much more useful. The first system Edens implemented was the Road Map, an excel spreadsheet system for tracking clients, productivity levels, service dollars and pre-booking. She shares, "being intentional and planning the day ahead of time kicks things into high gear. Focusing on upselling puts you into the frame of mind to hear client triggers, when they ask about services or products. Clients ultimately feel they are receiving better service, while you are more aware of their needs and what their possibilities can be." When Edens first implemented the Perfect Consultation system, her already effective client communications became even better. She says, "My clients always felt that I took good care of them, yet this opened up a whole new line of communication that none of us even realized was missing. With the Perfect Consultation, clients became open to new services like haircolor, not realizing that they had become stuck in a rut. I remember that there were clients who I had wanted to suggest these types of services to, yet they were so hesitant about change. Once we started the consultations, it flipped so that they were actually asking for the changes themselves!"

Once Edens started partnering with Inspiring Champions for regular coaching, she added even more professional salon systems and within two to three months was using all of them. It has been by using a combination of all the systems that Edens has been able to achieve her current level of success. She relays, "I also have the most wonderful coach in Dorothy Scott. There is no way I could have done it without her guidance and encouragement, to help me achieve all of the things I have now." One of the biggest surprises for Edens has been that she did not realize just how fast the Inspiring Champions systems could improve her business. She says, "The speed with which that happened was amazing. I went into warp speed! The next surprises were that I was able to improve my income, use my time more efficiently and focus on other things besides the business, like my family." Edens was previously earning an average of $1,500 a week before her Inspiring Champions training and coaching and is now just short of $100,000 after only 10 months of using the systems. She shares, "I was like a hamster on a wheel. Now I see how the measurement of your success helps to cure burnout and exhaustion. You're able to take the emotion out of the business, to set goals and see results. Inspiring Champions has healed my entire life by giving me the tools to deal with my personal and business challenges. They really allow you to see how endless the possibilities for success are."

No matter what situation has come up for Edens in her salon, Inspiring Champions has provided a tool to handle it. She shares, "Whenever I've had a question for my coach; she always has an immediate solution. For example, when I was recently agonizing over putting together some retail promotions, my coach had a simple process for a fill-in-the-blank solution." Retailing has been an important aspect of the business systems for Edens. While she did know the importance of retail before her training, it was always a struggle. She had felt retailing was simply a matter of keeping her products in stock and staying within her budget. By focusing on consultations, Edens experienced an immediate and dramatic improvement in retail sales. While she didn't make any big changes in her offerings, she did begin to expand her retail, adding items such as fashion accessories, jewelry, clothing and beauty care items like Rapid Lash. Edens says, "Previously, I would always talk to clients about how to style their hair during the service. Now, I am demonstrating the product usage more and they understand better. They are more engaged and more participatory in the service, resulting in more retail purchases."

While Edens doesn't see herself getting out from behind the chair entirely for some time, her immediate goal is to refine her education and mentoring system, while feeding the creativity and success of her team. Edens is currently adding to her team and has rearranged her schedule from working five days a week behind the chair down to four. She notes, "Being here in Texas, it hasn't been easy to build a team of salaried people. This area is strong with an independent contractor mentality and a rogue spirit! Part of the challenge is finding people to create that perfect team, to be able to mentor and train them in the systems to ultimately help build their own careers."

Long term goals include having a retirement plan and finally stepping back to just run the business in 10 years time. Edens says, "I plan to continue partnering with Inspiring Champions; I feel that I have just scratched the surface of what they have to offer. I am eternally thankful for what I've learned from the training and coaching. Every week as I track my numbers, I find myself just feeling this ongoing gratitude towards my coach Dorothy Scott and Inspiring Champions for helping me to get where I wanted to go. For years, I felt like I was hitting a glass ceiling that I couldn't break through, even though I was doing my very best to service my clients. These systems have helped me to blast through that ceiling with ease!"

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