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March 2010

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Bump Up Your Profits

Expose Your Clients to Possibilities
They May Never Have Considered

Upselling has gone mainstream and you too can easily learn this simple business technique. McDonald's made upselling an every-day occurrence in the 1970s by asking every customer, "would you like fries with that?" Starbuck's will upgrade your tall soy latte to a grande for only a small price increase. You may be going solo to the movies and have no intention of eating a large popcorn all by yourself, yet it seems only logical to say yes when offered an upgrade!

Offer a corresponding service
that will
enhance their results

The same principle holds true for your salon or day spa. Marketers have discovered that once consumers are in the mindset of buying, they are open to buying more. One of the easiest and most profitable salon systems to immediately start implementing in your business is the upsell, or 'bump,' as Lauren Gartland, founder of Inspiring Champions calls it. Gartland helps thousands of salon & spa professionals each year to dramatically increase their incomes while keeping a work-life balance. She regularly advises clients on how to use the bump to immediately increase profits. Gartland shares, "You are exposing your clients to possibilities they may never have considered before by offering them additional salon or spa services. Once empowered, they have the option to consider the great new looks, spa services, therapies or products you have shared. They will appreciate being offered the choice of the higher level of service, or to choose whatever options they are ready to commit to."

Instead of just presenting the minimum service that your client has requested, why not offer them some additional choices? You could propose three different combinations, starting with just the basic service and then offering two more options that will deliver added results. Explain how the added services will benefit their needs. "Everyone in the professional beauty industry can do the bump. Hairstylists can offer conditioning or glossing treatments, hair extensions, highlights, thermal hair straightening or the newest soft wave treatments. The list is truly endless and is only limited by your imagination," Gartland says.

Estheticians can do the bump with collagen eye or lip treatments, spa body services like sunless tanning or cellulite reduction or hand and foot treatments. Nail technicians can add on airbrush designs, jeweled nail art or offer exfoliating foot scrubs with their pedicures. Massage therapists can add on spa treatments, aromatherapy or additional modalities like reiki or reflexology. Waxing and other hair removal techniques are great bumps and many hairstylists can also offer these, at least for the facial area.

Gartland" notes,"Doing the bump will greatly increase your income with only a small price increase for your clients. Let's say you offer a wonderful hair glossing treatment for your clients that costs $25 and you do just two a day. In a week's time you've made $250 above your baseline. Over a 50 week period you've totaled $12,500 above baseline. You can substantially increase your profits by regularly doing the bump. You will also be giving your clients better service, increasing client loyalty, building client confidence and advancing your career." To really get serious about implementing the bump, Gartland advises that you start planning them into your day. Arrive at work early and go over-your schedule, looking at the opportunities that openings provide you.

"If you have a gap after your client's booking, offer a corresponding service that will enhance their results. Or, take the time to add a consultation. You can look through stylebooks for the latest trends or show color swatches for haircolor ideas. Product companies now offer online hairstyle galleries that you can easily view on your cell phone. You could sit down together, peruse new styles and even offer to email them to your client! Clients could just decide to get the service on the spot, or maybe you've planted a seed that will result in their booking an appointment later," says Gartland.

Consider how Amazon markets books and products with their cross-selling techniques. When a customer orders a book they willbe shown the message,"customers who ordered this book also liked these books," with a list of additional options. If this technique didn't work, do you think such a large company would use it regularly? It does work, and you should also consider using it for not only your own services, but also to correspond with services that other members of your salon & spa team offer."Think of all the times your clients tell you about the events in their lives. Offer ,them services that will correspond to those important events and improve their looks and style," notes Gartland. "If a client was going on a tropical vacation, you could offer to give her some great highlights so she will arrive there already looking sun kissed. Then, why not encourage her to get a sunless tanning treatment, pedicure, hair removal or other services at your salon or spa to help her get ready for her trip?"

Conducting thorough consultations for each client, updating your notes for them regularly and keeping up with their lives will help you to know what services to advise them on. Keeping yourself up to date on the latest trends, techniques and product knowledge will ensure you always have a fresh supply of great ideas for them, as well as building your own professional confidence."You are in a position to advise your client on what additional steps they can take to enhance their salon and spa experience. Doing the bump with upsells is a great way to offer them added results. Your job is not just to provide technical services, but to create a picture for your clients of what they can become," Gartland says.

What if the client says no? Gartland concludes,"The greatest failure is being afraid to try. If you're not failing - you're not playing the game full out. A 'no' today could easily become a 'yes'tomorrow. Keep on trying. Trust the process. The results will come and it will become effortless." Gartland reveals that if clients say no, what that really means is that you haven't shown them enough value. Educate your clients on your services and products and show them the value of what you do.

Remember that value keeps on giving and believe in the worth of what you are offering. Once you show them your passion, you will start doing the bump with every client and they will appreciate having options they might never have thought of before! You will earn more, advance your professional career and grow your business. Now go do the bump!

Inspiring Champions is a business and coaching company offering live training camps, coaching and mentoring services, webinars, audio tapes and educational resources. For more information call 800-496-9305 or visit www.InspiringChampions.com.

Jenny Hogan is the Media Director at Marketing Solutions, Inc., a full-service marketing, advertising and PR agency specializing in the professional beauty business. For more information, contact 703-359-6000, visit www.MktgSols.com or send an email to MktgSols@MktgSols.com.