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January 2010

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Double Your Income

Double Your Income

Learn to double your income without raising your prices or working more hours! Increase your income by following the practical and proven strategies of our dynamic two disc audio program.

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Double Your Income Now!

How To Create Prosperity & Grow Your Career
While Maintaining A Work-Life Balance

Most of us think that to earn more money, we have to work harder. Yet by working smarter and following some basic systems for building a career, you can start right now to earn more money without working more hours, raising your prices or adding a single client to your books!  Consider this:  money is a reward that you earn for the services that you provide. The reward grows larger when the service becomes more valuable.  By creating ways to be of greater service to your clients, you will not only earn more money, you will grow your career and enrich your life.  Even better, you are increasing your client loyalty and altering their perception of your commitment.  Lauren Gartland, founder of Inspiring Champions, a business and coaching company offering live training seminars, coaching and mentoring services, offers the following ways to immediately create better service for your clients while doubling your income:

Immediately create better service for your clients while doubling your income!

See Your Clients More Often

Get your regular clients to come in more often.There are many ways to encourage your clients to see you more.  If you are a hairstylist, you can get them chemically dependent on you with haircolor or services like perms, relaxers and straightening, all of which require more maintenance and upkeep.  If you are an esthetician, you can offer treatments in series that offer cumulative results.  For the face this could include microdermabrasion, photo-rejuvenation or chemical peels.  For the body you could offer cellulite treatments, hair removal or sunless tanning.  Always cross sell your services, letting your clients know what else you can do for them.  Of course, offering retail items is always essential to ensure that clients continue their hair, skincare or body regimen at home in between visits.

Offer your clients extra attention.  How often do your clients tell you about events going on in their lives?  If someone is going on a vacation, you could suggest they get a sunless tanning service.  If they are going to a wedding or formal event, you could offer a collagen treatment or a back facial for a low cut dress!  There are always opportunities to promote your services while enhancing your clients’ results.  Tell them about seasonal promotions ahead of time so you’ve planted a seed for future appointments.

Do some pre-booking math. Don’t rely on your spa or salon receptionist to book your client’s appointments.  Only you know when your client needs to see you again.  This is the most valuable way to ensure that you are creating better service for your clients and getting them into your spa or salon more often.  You need to pre-book 70% of your clients every day.  Do the math. If you let one or two extra weeks slip by in between appointments, you will lose a significant amount of income cumulatively.  Figure out your income per client visit and multiply it by your number of clients per day; then experiment with them coming in once a month vs. every five or six weeks. You will see how quickly you end up making thousands of dollars less per year with less client visits!

Have a pre-booking plan prepared.  Never just ask a client: “Would you like to book your next appointment?  They will always have a ready excuse for why they can’t!  Instead, say, “In order to maintain your skincare program that we’ve started today, we need to see you back here in ‘x’ number of weeks.  Would the early part of the week be better for you, or the later part?”  There will be many scenarios you will have to prepare for.  Always use a script and don’t pause in your relay for them to say no!  Plant seeds throughout the appointment by mentioning that they’ll need to keep up the program for the best results.  For first time clients, plant the first seed during your initial consultation by plainly stating when they need to come back in. 

Attract More Clients

Prospect for clients.  Prospecting for clients is like prospecting for gold.  You have to sift through large numbers of people to find clients!  Your marketing is ultimately up to you.  If you are giving out the message:  “I love what I do and I want to serve you,” to the world, then clients will end up finding you.  You just need to do some preliminary work.  Your first marketing tool is yourself.  Your image should relay that you are a professional in the beauty industry and you should always be prepared to meet new clients!  You never know where you might bump into a great potential client, but when you do, you will give them your next marketing tool – your business card.  Your card should be professionally printed and have a “wow” factor; people should be impressed with it and it should effectively convey your salon or spa image. 

Find your target markets.  Your target markets will affect the process by which you focus your efforts on potential clients.  Think about what type of clients you want.  Some good client profiles would be – professionals, people in high-profile positions, baby boomers, clients who book series, men and housewives.  Men are always good clients as they are loyal, methodical and retail-oriented; housewives are good clients as they can fill appointment holes that 9 to 5ers cannot.  To attract clients in your target markets, create a vision statement.  Write down a well articulated and detailed description of the type of client you would like to have, including how often they come in, what services they get and the retail products they buy.  After all, if you don’t know who you’re looking for, you won’t know them when you bump into them! 

Use a formula to get clients.  Getting new clients is a numbers game. If you gave out two cards a day, that would be ten cards a week. Over 50 weeks, with two weeks off for vacation, that would total 500 cards a year. If only ten percent came in, you just got 50 new clients!  Increase the numbers. By giving out three cards a day, that would give you 75 new clients.

Network with other professionals.  Find local networks to meet other professionals.  Join your local Welcome Wagon for new homeowners, the Chamber of Commerce, Toastmasters, Rotary Club or other meetups or mixers for professionals.  Enlarge your circle of acquaintances through these business associates.  Unlike other professions, everyone in your network will need your services!

Ask for help with new client referrals.  Invite people in to help with your success.  Ask the type of clients you want to have more of for their advice.  Tell them you value their input and ask if they have ideas on how to grow your business.  This will give your clients ownership and partnership in helping you succeed.  Say to them: “I’m expanding my business and I want more people like you as clients.  Would you help me? How many business cards do you need?”  You can reward them with bonus points for new referrals that can be used for products or discounts on services.

Persuade Clients To Upgrade Services

Use the Upsell.  The Upsell, or Bump, are add-ons that expand the existing purchase of a client. If the idea of upselling makes you uncomfortable, remember that your goal is never to pressure your client into unwanted services, or to spend money irresponsibly.  You are in a position to advise your client on how to enhance their salon or spa experience and the bump is a great way to offer them added results.  Anyone can upsell; hair stylists, estheticians, nail techs and massage therapists all have some potential add-on to provide.

Upsell Regularly.  Upsells take very little effort to implement and can substantially increase your bottom line over time.  For a hairstylist, a great upsell would be a hair conditioning, glossing or scalp treatment.  For an esthetician, an eye, lip or hand & foot treatment.  If you have a treatment that costs $10 and you do just two a day – in a week’s time you’ve made $100 above your baseline!  Over a 50 week period you’ve totaled $5,000 above baseline. 

Plan Upsells into your day.  To really increase your profits from the bump, start to plan them into your day. Arrive at work half an hour earlier and go over your schedule.  Look at the openings in your book and see them as opportunities to create multiple services.  If a client has a gap after their booking, could you upsell them for an additional treatment?  If you feel a particular client is a good candidate, could you take the extra time to show them some of your latest products or describe a new service? They could just go for the additional treatment on the spot, or maybe you’ve planted a seed that will result in their getting it on the next visit. 

“Remember that your job as a salon or spa professional is to educate your clients and create a picture for them of the possibilities that you can provide,” notes Gartland. “If you get a ‘no’ today from a client regarding an upsell, pre-booking or while prospecting for new clients, that no response could turn into a yes tomorrow!”

Gartland’s Inspiring Champions business coaching services help thousands of salon & spa professionals each year to increase their income.  She concludes, “Keep at it and remember that as long as you love what you are doing and show that to the world, you will be successful.  Ultimately, you will earn more while also enjoying a more balanced and rewarding career and life.”

Inspiring Champions is a business and coaching company offering live training camps, coaching and mentoring services, webinars, audio tapes and educational resources. For more information call 800-496-9305 or visit

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