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May 2009

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Champ Camp

Champ Camp

Geared for Owners & Technicians this training will re-ignite your vision to re-invent your business to give you a competitive edge in an ever-changing business environment.

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Cash Flow Camp

Cash Flow Camp

Owners and managers learn to take control to increase profitability by understanding and implementing the fundamental building blocks of a profit and loss statement.

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Get Your Business In Shape
by Going Back To Camp!

A Live Training Seminar Is A Great Way To
Recharge Your Batteries With Education, Motivation & Fun

Remember Camp?  A place for exploration, adventure, challenging yourself, learning and growing?  Well, it’s time to go back!  You may be a graduating student just starting out in the professional beauty industry and figuring out how to plan your new career. You may be a seasoned salon or spa industry veteran who’s forgotten just what first sparked your creative flow. You may be a salon owner trying to grow your business, inspire your team and plan your retirement.  Whatever your situation or need, Inspiring Champions can help. Through their live Training Camps, telephone consultation programs and educational materials, they offer business education, coaching and mentoring for business owners and professionals in the professional salon, spa and beauty industries.  With a mission to globally transform the salon and spa industry through their world-class business education and coaching, Inspiring Champions breaks the mold of the traditional seminar with their hands-on, experiential training.

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Attending a live training camp is a great way to recharge your batteries while also learning valuable business skills.  Industry veteran Lauren Gartland founded Inspiring Champions in 1995 to help bridge technical skills of technicians with business skills. “There was an epidemic in the beauty industry,” Gartland notes. “No cosmetology schools teach business training!  Someone had to help these salon owners and hairstylists to learn the rules of business and prosper.”  Inspiring Champions has a team of dedicated leaders providing practical and proven solutions for the top business needs and challenges in the industry today.  They currently offer Camps for such topics as Improving Your Cash Flow and Profit, Client Retention, Increasing Service & Retail Sales, Front Desk Training, Creating Your Dream Team and Advanced Leadership.  Additionally, they offer individual coaching and mentoring, phone consultations and an array of resources including workbooks, audio tapes, webinars and live phone interviews with industry leaders. 

When Lauren Gartland first conceived of the idea for this venture to help salon and day spa owners, technicians as well as other beauty industry professionals transform their businesses and careers, she realized this – you cannot win a game that you don’t know how to play.  Inspiring Champions provides proven tools, systems and solutions that instantly increase service and retail sales, client retention, customer satisfaction and profits.  Yet it’s not just about business and profit.  Gartland and her team want to inspire clients not just to make more money, but to work fewer hours, live a balanced life – and have fun!

Gartland does this by showing salon and spa professionals that they don’t have to work harder to earn more money – they have to work smarter.  For instance, by actively prospecting for clients by always being prepared to meet a new client in your everyday life, you will draw in new people who will in turn draw in even more. “Getting new clients is purely a numbers game, “ notes Gartland. “If you gave out two cards a day, that would be ten cards a week. Over 50 weeks, with two weeks off for vacation, that would total 500 cards a year. If only ten percent came in, you just got 50 new clients!  Increase the numbers. By giving out three cards a day, that would give you the potential for 75 new clients.”  Gartland encourages beauty professionals to use referral programs so that your best clients will be motivated to bring you more clients like themselves. “Invite people in to help with your success.  Ask the type of clients you want to have more of for their help. This will give your clients ownership and partnership in helping you succeed.”  Reward client referrals with bonus points that can be used for product purchases or discounts on services.

Gartland also encourages professionals to regularlyuse the ‘Upsell,’ or ‘Bump,’ to add on services.  “Anyone can upsell; hairstylists, estheticians, nail technicians and massage therapists all have some potential add-on to provide,” shares Gartland.  Upsells take very little effort to implement and can substantially increase your bottom line over time.  For a hairstylist, a great upsell would be a hair conditioning, glossing or scalp treatment.  For an esthetician, an eye, lip or hand and foot treatment.  Spa body wraps, paraffin treatments, hair removal and many more hidden services are easy to upsell, by merely educating your clients on the special benefits, while you customize each service to meet their special needs. If you have a treatment that costs $10 and you do just two a day – in a week’s time you’ve made $100 above your baseline!  Over a 50 week period, you have totaled an additional $5,000 above your baseline.  Inspiring Champions seminars offer a wealth of such formulas to teach you exactly how to increase your profits, while also adding to your clients’ spa experiences and results.

‘Champ Camp’ is Inspiring Champions signature workshop, teaching proven systems for running successful salons and promising all technicians the chance to increase their personal incomes to over $100,000. “This is a hands-on, step-by-step, paint by numbers business training course that will change your life and make you money for the rest of your career!” assures Gartland. These expectations may seem high, yet Inspiring Champions has the testimonials and results to back them up.  “We get amazing results in large numbers,” notes Gartland.  “Clients tell us we are different from other coaching companies because we literally change their lives.”

Inspiring Champions business coaching services help thousands of salon & spa professionals each year to increase their income and grow their careers. Lauren Gartland and the team of Inspiring Champions coaches aim to transform the professional beauty industry through the success of its members.  “We want to lift people up, support people’s dreams and fuel the spark of greatness within them,” concludes Gartland.

Inspiring Champions is a business and coaching company offering live training camps, coaching and mentoring services, webinars, audio tapes and educational resources. For more information call 800-496-9305 or visit

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