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February 2010

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Provide Added Value With Upsells


One of the easiest and most profitable salon systems to immediately start implementing in your business is the upsell. As a business owner or beauty professional, you too can take advantage of this very easy way to increase your profits, all without raising your prices or adding a single client to your books. Lauren Gartland, the founder of Inspiring Champions, regularly advises clients on how to use upsells to immediately increase profits.

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To understand the upsell, think of the many food franchises that implement it regularly. You will not make a purchase at McDonald's without being asked if you want french fries with your order. When you are at Starbucks your barista will ask if you want to try the new holiday blend or purchase a bag of beans to brew at home. Marketers caught on years ago to the fact that when customers are already buying, they are open to the idea of buying more. Gartland shares, "The idea of upselling makes some beauty professionals uncomfortable. They may feel they are encouraging clients to spend too much money. Just remember that you should never try to manage your clients' pocketbooks. That is their business and you never truly know what their budget. Do not judge whether they can afford a service, as they may have curtailed other expenses just for you!"

You are in a position to advise your client on what additional steps they can take to enhance their skin care and spa experience. Upsells are a great way to offer them added results. Consider what the beauty equivalent to a bag of french fries or coffee beans is for your business? Everyone in the professional beauty industry can offer upsells. Aestheticians can add collagen eye treatments, spa body treatments, hand and foot treatments, and much more. Nail technicians can add airbrush designs, jeweled nail art, or offer paraffin soaks with their standard manicures. Massage therapists can add spa treatments like heated hand and foot mitts, aromatherapy treatments, or additional modalities like reiki or reflexology. Waxing and other hair removal techniques are great add-ons for aestheticians.

Gartland notes, "If you don't currently offer any of these types of specialized add-ons, you should. They are a fantastic opportunity to enhance both your client's spa experience and results and your own profits and career satisfaction. It's a win-win for both you and your clients, giving them enhanced results with a very small price increase while greatly increasing your income over time." Let's say you have a special skin care treatment that costs $25 and you do just two a day. in a week's time you've made $250 above your baseline. Over a 50 week period you've totaled $12,500 above baseline. If you aim to upsell every client for some additional service, the sky is the limit for the potential earnings!

"To really increase your profits from upsells, start to plan them into your day," adds Gartland. "Arrive at work half an hour earlier and go over your schedule. Look at the openings in your book and see them as opportunities to create multiple services." For example, if a client has a gap after her booking, could you upsell her for a coordinating treatment? Perhaps she has shared that she is going out for a special event, so why not offer her lash extensions, makeup application, or sunless tanning so she'll glow in that new dress? If you feel a particular client is a good candidate for one of your other services, could you take the extra time to add a consultation and advise her on the benefits? Perhaps you offer a spa body treatment series for cellulite or detoxification and want to share some of the exciting results other clients have been enjoying? Clients could just decide to try a session right then, or maybe you've planted a seed that will result in their signing up for a full series later.

"Think about which services would match each client and what would benefit their needs; then you can plan ahead to upsell them. Your job is not just to provide aesthetic services. but to create a picture for your clients of what they can become. Your job is to educate them and advise them on the possibilities of what they can look like and feel like." Gartland concludes. Always remember that you me in a position 10 enhance your client's skin care and spa experience and upsells me a great way to offer them added results. perhaps for new skin care services they hadn't even considered before! You will also be dramatically increasing your income and developing your professional aesthetic career or the growth of your entire skin core and spa business.

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