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Heather Goodwin

Business Coach

As a coach I provide tools and empower you to make profitable business decisions, overcoming obstacles to achieve your goals. Let’s boost your performance by maximizing what you do best and using new systems to improve operational efficiency.

When Heather began her journey with Inspiring Champions she was working 6 days a week. Through implementation of new systems, she quickly increased sales by $33,000 and cut back to 4 days per week. Through continued process improvements she achieved her ultimate goal of only 2 days behind the chair and earning over $100,000 annually. “I love being able to help facilitate the achievement of one’s career goals. By leading my team in the salon, as well as working behind the chair, I am able to understand and connect with my coaching clients on a more personal level. It’s because of my own business transformation that I took the steps to became a coach and to lead my own team to their goals and dreams. Inspiring Champions changes lives – we will change yours too!”