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Mikel Sandoval

Mikel Sandoval Business Coach

Business Coach

Salon Today Top 200 for 2019
Salon Owner / Manager Since 1995
Professional Hair Designer Since 1980

Are you ready to catapult your business to the next level with proven systems for success?

Mikel’s energy, expert guidance and strategic approach will take your business straight to the top!

As a Salon Today 200 honoree and Paul Mitchell Focus Salon owner, Mikel lives salon reality every day with his salon Dream Team. His implementation of the Inspiring Champions proven systems increased his salon profits by 266% and in only 12 months. In addition, he went from working 5 days a week behind the chair to only 2 days. He completely changed the way he plays the game of business, and he can teach you how to do the same! His promise is to erase all fears of the unknown. Mikel will support your focus and will keep the plan in action until success is the outcome. He views “challenges” as an opportunity to further build a relationship with your team, your guests and yourself. Are you ready to become your very own Success Story? If so, Mikel is ready to take you to the Top!